ULT-01 Acoustic radiation force and biomedical applications
ULT-02 Air-borne transducers for ultrasonic detection
ULT-03 Analytical and numerical (FEM) transducer modelling
ULT-04 Capacitive ultrasonic transducers: Modelling and technology
ULT-05 HIFU in medical therapy
ULT-06 High intensity acoustics near surfaces and interfaces
ULT-07 High-power ultrasonic transducers
ULT-08 High-power ultrasound in large-scale sonochemical reactors
ULT-09 New power ultrasonic processes and systems
ULT-10 Signal processing for ultrasonic imaging & detection
ULT-11 Sonochemical water treatment
ULT-12 Sonoelectrochemical processes
ULT-13 Tissue characterization by ultrasound
ULT-14 Ultrasonic manipulation of micron-sized particles and cells
ULT-15 Ultrasonic transducer systems for imaging & detection
ULT-16 Ultrasound contrast agents
ULT-17 ULT-General