CAS-03-001. Modelling of the human-machine dialogue in dual language
R.Djeradi, A.Djeradi, J.Caelen

CAS-03-002. Design of a Chilean voices database by means of a telephonic interface
Grez, Guillermo, Recuero, Manuel

CAS-03-003. Acoustic features of disordered voices under vocal fold pathology
Aguiar Neto, Benedito G.; Costa, Silvana C.; Fechine, Joseana M.; Muppa, Menaka

CAS-03-004. Experimental validation of simplified free jet turbulence models applied to the vocal tract
Grandchamp, Xavier; Van Hirtum, Annemie; Pelorson, Xavier

CAS-03-005. Articulatory feature estimation for nonstationary vowels based on a local vector coding
Ito, Masashi; Yano, Masafumi

CAS-03-006.Time-scaling of consonant-vowel transitions using harmonic-plus-noise model for improving speech perception by listeners with moderate sensorineural impairment
Jayan, A. R.; Pandey, Prem C.; Lehana, Parveen K.

CAS-03-007. Russian speech recognition model with morphemic analysis and synthesis
Karpov, Alexey; Ronzhin, Andrey

CAS-03-008. Speech compression using discrete hermite transform
Hossein Marvi

CAS-03-009. Speech intelligibility of two groups of cordectomized
Miralles, J.L.; Garrigues, J.V.; Romero, J.; Cerdá,S.; Giménez, A.; Cibrián, R.

CAS-03-010. A study of vocal tract area functions for speech synthesis system based on transmission line model
Ogata, Kohichi; Yang, Bing

CAS-03-011. Surface modeling of vocal tract shapes in transition segments of vowel-consonant-vowel syllables for estimation of place of closure
Shah, Milind S.; Pandey, Prem C.

CAS-03-012. Harmonics – to – noise ratio in ika Igbo and English utterances: implications and inferences
Uguru, Joy Oluchi

CAS-03-013. Polish sentence test for speech intelligibility measurements in masking conditions
Ozimek, Edward; Kutzner, Dariusz; Sek, Aleksander; Wicher, Andrzej

CAS-03-014. Detection of musical scale from speech
Bosu, Orpita; Datta, Asoke

CAS-03-015. Perceptral impression to same utterances with various speech styles
Yasukazu Kanamori; Mayo Noda

CAS-03-016. Experimental Validation of Direct and Inverse Glottal Flow Models for Unsteady Flow Conditions and Glottal Closure
Cisonni, Julien; Van Hirtum, Annemie; Willems Jan; Pelorson, Xavie

CAS-03-017. The influence of linguistic and extra-linguistic information on synthetic speech intelligibility
Gardzielewska, Hanna

CAS-03-018. Detection and direction estimation of calling voice
Ito, Akinori; Kitadate, Kota; Suzuki, Motoyuki; Makino, Shozo

CAS-03-019. Robust Harmonic complex estimation in noise
Krijnders, Dirkjan; Niessen, Maria; Andringa, Tjeerd

CAS-03-020. Assessing the reverberation level in speech
Niessen, Maria; Krijnders, Dirkjan; Boers, Joep; Andringa, Tjeerd

CAS-03-021. A numerical experiment on waveform fluctuation within the larynx
Nomura, Hideyuki; Funada, Tetsuo

CAS-03-022. A cross-linguistic perceptual and acoustical study of speaker discrimination in film dubbing
Payri, Blas; Enríquez Carrasco, Emilia V.; Redondo, Javier; Picó, Rubén

CAS-03-023. Data hiding in speech signals on the basis of the modification of segment pitch and duration
Ponomar, Marina

CAS-03-024. Effects of Fo range and contours in speech upon the image of speakers’ personality
Uchida, Teruhisa

CAS-03-025. Analysis of peak contours in different segmental and suprasegmental contexts
Wagner, Agnieszka

CAS-03-026. Experimental validation and physical modelling of vocal folds pathologies
Ruty, Nicolas; Brutel-Vuilmet, Claire; Pelorson, Xavier; Van Hirtum, Annemie

CAS-03-027. Behavior of the spectral enveloppe of the vocal tract in front of a variation of the source parameters
Falek, Lila; Djeradi Amar

CAS-03-028. Locus equation for arabic guturals
O.Bouferroum, L.Falek, A.Djeradi

CAS-03-029. Locus equation of arabic consonants preceded by middle vowel compared to when preceded by front or back vowel
O.Bouferroum, L.Falek, A.Djeradi

CAS-03-030. A real-time lecture captioning system using speech recognition technology for hearing-impaired students
Isono, Haruo; Irikura, Keisuke; Yamaguchi Junpei

CAS-03-031. A New Architecture and Approaches to Improve a Subword-Based Open Vocabulary Spoken Document Retrieval System
Yoshiaki, Itoh; Kohei, Iwata; Kazunori, Kojima; Masaaki, Ishigame; Kazuyo, Tanaka; Shi-wook Lee

CAS-03-032. Auditory representation of spectral intensity variation in coarticulated vowels
Jacewicz, Ewa; Fox, Robert Allen

CAS-03-033. Spectral integration of virtual cues in speech perception
Fox, Robert Allen; Jacewicz, Ewa; Wackler, Lisa

CAS-03-034. Spontaneous speech recognition using discrete-mixture HMMS
Kosaka, Tetsuo; Katoh, Masaharu; Kohda, Masaki

CAS-03-035. Estimation of area function using pressure contours and sound intensity in 3-d vocal tract
Nakai, Takayoshi; Mochizuki, Keita

CAS-03-036. A study of suitable reverberation criteria for distant-talking speech recognition with room acoustic parameters
Nishiura, Takanobu; Hirano, Yoshiki; Denda, Yuki; Nakayama, Masato

CAS-03-037. Enhancing speech in reverberation by steady-state suppression
Kei Takahashi; Keiichi Yasu; Nao Hodoshima; Takayuki Arai; Kiyohiro Kurisu

CAS-03-038. Continuous time-frequency coordinate mapping with sparse anchoring templates and its application to auditory morphing
Takahashi, Toru; Irino, Toshio; Kawahara Hideki

CAS-03-039. Disordered speech assessment using different speech
Zlatník, Petr; Cmejla, Roman

CAS-03-040. Speech segmentation on subphonemic segments aimed to the speech pathology analysis
Šaric, Zoran; Jovicic, Slobodan; Bilibajkic, Ružica

CAS-03-041. Perceptral impresión to same utterances with vaious speech styles
Yasukazu Kanamori; Mayo Noda