Session Organizer: Antoine Lavie

COM-02-001-IP. Fast Multipole Method for Acoustic Computations
Parot, Jean-Marc; Pellicier, Antoine

COM-02-002. Acoustic boundary element method formulation with treatment of nearly singular integrands by element subdivision
Cutanda Henriquez, Vicente; Juhl, Peter

COM-02-003. A methodology for optimum design of Y-shape noise barriers
Aznarez, Juan José; Greiner, David; Maeso, Orlando; Winter, Gabriel

COM-02-004. Inverse boundary element calculations based on structural modes
Juhl, Peter Møller

COM-02-005. Sound transmission analysis provided by a single panel in the presence of an elastic interlayer
Pereira, Andreia; Tadeu, António

COM-02-006. A numerical study of the influence of sound level meter case
Rodríguez Molares, Alfonso; Sobreira Seoane, Manuel A.

COM-02-007. Boundary element method for the estimation of noise barrier insertion losses
Waubke Holger, Chen Zhensheng, Kreuzer Wolfgang

COM-02-008. High frequency acoustics simulations via fmm accelerated Bem
Gumerov, Nail A.; Duraiswami, Ramani