Session Organizers: Martin Ochmann; Rafael Piscoya

COM-03-001-IP Computational method on prediction of combustion noise
F. Zhang, P. Habisreuther, M. Hettel and H. Bockhorn

COM-03-002. Zonal approaches for the simulation of indirect combustion noise
Richter, Christoph; Thiele, Frank

COM-03-003.IP. Determination of the sound Radiation of turbulent flames using an integral method
Piscoya, Rafael; Ochmann, Martin

COM-03-004.IP. Calculation of acoustic radiation of an open turbulent flame with a transient boundary element method
Stütz, Michael; Ochmann, Martin

COM-03-005.IP. Validation of a model for premixed combustion noise with optical measurement techniques
Winkler, Anton; Wäsle, Johann; Hirsch, Christoph; Sattelmayer Thomas

COM-03-006. Improvement of the spectrofilter - Separation of coherent sources overlapping in time and frequency domains
Pruvost, Laurent; Leclère, Quentin; Parizet, Etienne