Session Organizer: Andreas Franck

COM-05-001. Sound field analysis of rooms with the finite element method
Wernberg, Per-Anders; Sandberg, Góran

COM-05-002. Prediction of low-frequency sound-pressure fields in rooms with obstacles
Chan, Gary; Hodgson, Murray; Valeau, Vincent

COM-05-003-IP. Accuracy of direct frequency response analysis in sound field of a cavity using finite element method by comparison with modal frequency response analysis
Otsuru, Toru; Okamoto, Noriko; Okuzono, Takeshi; Kondo, Takayuki; Kurogi, Yuka

COM-05-004-IP. Wall structure modeling for room acoustic and building acoustic FEM simulations
Franck, Andreas; Aretz, Marc

COM-05-005-IP. Identification of boundary conditions in arbitrarily shaped cavities
Anderssohn, Robert; Marburg, Steffen

COM-05-006. Numerical simulation of multichannel active control on cells with a frontal porous veil
Bermúdez, Alfredo; Gamallo, Pablo; Hervella-Nieto, Luis María; Prieto, Andrés

COM-05-007-IP. Optimal space-time finite difference schemes for experimental booth design
Naka, Yusuke; Oberai, Assad A.; Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara G.

COM-05-008-IP. Numerical analysis of interior sound fields using the fast multipole bem with a domain decomposition approach
Sakuma, Tetsuya; Yasuda, Yosuke

COM-05-009. Boundary element analysis of circular dual-chamber mufflers with microperforated panel absorbers
Pasqual, Alexander M.; Arruda, José Roberto de F.