COM-06-001. Acoustic-based surface roughness measurement of paper
Aguilar, Juan R., Salinas, Renato A.. Briones, Leoncio J.

COM-06-002. CAE modeling and simulation for acoustic performance of industrial mufflers
Chinsuk Hong; Deahwan Kim; Weui Song Jeong

COM-06-003. Methodology for electro mechanical simulation of piezoelectric ceramics
Morcillo López, Miguel Ángel; Cesteros Morante, Beatriz; Cordero Izquierdo, Roberto; Hidalgo Otamendi, Antonio; Fernández, Jose Francisco

COM-06-004. Modelling of acoustic wave propagation using Transient Insular Nodal Analysis (TINA)
De Rybel, Tom; Martí, José; Hodgson, Murray

COM-06-005. Acoustical response of a room with computational techniques - improving direct diffuse rays as an extension of the specular images method
Feo Rodríguez, Walter A.

COM-06-006. An application of morphologic filters to remove non-linear distortions from time-frequency representations of acoustic signals
G. G. Soledad, N. O. Valery, M. R. Ramón

COM-06-007. A time domain model of a resonance tube containing a porous ceramic material
Kleiven, Stig; Kropp, Wolfgang; Larsson, Krister

COM-06-008. Acoustic modelling of the cooling system of an induction HOB
Lladó, Juan; Sánchez, Beatriz; Monterde, Fernando; Pina, Carmelo; Llorente, Sergio; Hernández, Pablo

COM-06-009. An investigation of parameters controlling the lowest natural frequency in helmholtz resonators
Nair, Unnikrishnan; Shete, C. D.; Padmanabhan, Chandramouli; Subramoniam, A.

COM-06-010. Traffic noise measurement: Frequency response as a function of microphone position from computer simulations
Miyara, Federico; Pasch, Vivian; Cabanellas, Susana; Yanitelli, Marta; Miechi, Pablo

COM-06-011. On the well posed problem for a third-order hyperbolic equation
Magaña, Antonio; Quintanilla, Ramón

COM-06-012. HRTF calculation in the full audible frequency range using FMBEM
Masumoto, Takayuki; Oshima, Takuya; Yasuda, Yosuke; Sakuma, Tetsuya; Kabuto,
Masaaki; Akiyama, Makoto

COM-06-013. Perceptual evaluation of simulated head-related transfer functions
Julia Turku, Eira Seppälä, Ole Kirkeby, Asta Kärkkäinen, Leo Kärkkäinen

COM-06-014. Numerical simulation of the acoustical waves propagation in a standing wave tube
Juliá Sanchis, Ernesto; Segura Alcaraz, Jorge; Alba Fernández, Jesús; del Rey Tormos, Romina