Session Organizer: Jens Meyer

ELE-03-001. Two dimensional DOA estimation based on object related transfer function for the integration with security camera
Usagawa, Tsuyoshi; Naganishi, Masahiro; Takada, Toshimichi; Chisaki, Yoshifumi; Ebata, Masano

ELE-03-002-IP. Microphone arrays for measurement and recording
De Vries, Diemer

ELE-03-003-IP. Spherical arrays for capturing 3d sound fields: Prototype measurements versus analytical models
Daniel, Jerome

ELE-03-004-IP. Sampling-efficient numerically-robust spherical microphone arrays
Boaz Rafaely

ELE-03-005-IP. A second-order circular microphone array with out-of-plane beampattern control
Elko, Gary W.; Meyer, Jens

ELE-03-006-IP. Sensing the world with arrays of microphones and cameras
O’Donovan, Adam; Duraiswami Ramani; Neumann, Jan

ELE-03-007. Plane wave decomposition as a tool for interactive modification of measured sound fields and their adaptation to different reproduction systems
Melchior, Frank; de Vries, Diemer

ELE-03-008. Near-field sound source separation based on amplitude ratio of nearby microphones
Nishimura, Ryouichi; Kitamura, Tatsuya; Inoue, Naomi

ELE-03-009. A sound-source tracking device to track multiple talkers from microphone array and lavalier microphone data
Jonas Braasch; Nicholas Tranby

ELE-03-010-IP. Towards superdirective beamforming with loudspeaker arrays
Edwin Mabande; Walter Kellermann

ELE-03-011. A study on directivities of line MUM used unidirectional microphone units and its application to hearing aids
Miura, Kenzo; Arai, Yasuhiko

ELE-03-012. Synergic integration of noise reduction and DOA estimation with stochastic target sound source and deterministic noise models
Mizumachi; Mitsunori; Niyada; Katsuyuki