ELE-04-001. Choosing the most appropriate sensor for acoustic measurements
Yntema, D.R.; Druyvesteyn W.F.; R.J.Wiegerink

ELE-04-002. A theoretical study of sound field reconstruction techniques
Fazi, Filippo; Nelson, Philip

ELE-04-003. The development of the sound field sharing system based on the boundary surface control principle
Ise, Shiro; Toyoda, Masahiro; Enomoto, Seigo; Nakamura, Satoshi

ELE-04-004. The pipeline length measurement way by using TSP method
Takeshi, Araya; Hideo, Shibayama; Yoshiaki, Makabe; Eiji, Okamura

ELE-04-005. Comparision of measurements method for analysis electro-acoustic systems with non-linearities
Kadlec, František; Novák, Antonín

ELE-04-006. Identification of nonlinearity of electro-acoustic systems using a direct path MISO method
Novák, Antonín

ELE-04-007. Input behaviour of small acoustic components: measurement procedure and its accuracy
Rodrigues, Dominique; Guianvarc'h, Cécile; Durocher, Jean-Noel; Bruneau Michel; Bruneau, Anne-Marie

ELE-04-008. Narrow tubes acoustic impedance characterization using finite element based tools
Bravo, Agustín; Ruiz, Mariano; Recuero, Manuel, López, Juan Manuel; De Arcas, Guillermo

ELE-04-009. Subjective and objective quality evaluation for audio watermarking based on sinusoidal amplitude modulation
Nishimura, Akira

ELE-04-010. Intensimetric monitoring of acoustic quadraphonic recordings reproduced through a 5.1 loudspeaker array
Bonsi, Davide; Cengarle, Giulio; Stanzial, Domenico

ELE-04-011. Determination of transduction coefficient or receiving sensitivity of an acoustic transducer
Atashkhooei, Reza

ELE-04-012. Acoustic echo cancellation in frequency domain using combinations of filters
Azpicueta-Ruiz, Luis Antonio; Figueiras-Vidal, Anibal; Arenas-Garcia, Jeronimo

ELE-04-013. Design of digital stereo amplifier for mobile IT device
Park, Joon-Hoon; Choi, Young-Gyu; Kim, Jin-Min; Jang, Sin-Do

ELE-04-014. Estimation of the connection structure of branching tubule by the interference method
Hideo Shibayama; Takeshi Araya;Yoshiaki Makabe; Eiji Okamura

ELE-04-015. Influence of the profile of some vibrating structures on their sound radiating efficiency and directivity
Alba, Jesus; Arenas, Jorge; Ramis, Jaime