Session Organizer: Birgitta Berglund

ENV-03-001-IP. Urban noise indicators: noise events and background noise
Jacques Beaumont

ENV-03-002. Urban and building acoustics management in the next decades: A matter of prevention, simplification and education
Baring, João Gualberto de Azevedo

ENV-03-003. Evaluation of acoustic noise from music activities. is dB(A) correct?
Barti, Robert

ENV-03-004. A national project to evaluate and reduce high sound levels from music
Bengtsson Ryberg, Johanna; Norberg, Kristina

ENV-03-005. Noise mortgage - another way of noise abatement
Boegli, Hans; Menk, Julia; Hauser, Andreas; Abbuehl, Frank

ENV-03-006. Construction noise policy In New York City
Rosen, Stephen; Sachwald, Benjamin

ENV-03-007. Screen use possibilities as protection from transport noise and prospects of their improvement
Danielius Gužas; Robertas Klimas; Vaclovas Tricys

ENV-03-008. Comparison of measured noise pollution levels in a large German city with calculated levels according to guidelines
Poland Kathleen; Nickel Willi; Aflalo Eric