Session Organizers: Jean Pierre Clairbois; Christo Padmos; Damaso Alegre

ENV-06-001-IP. Prediction of noise barrier performance from intrinsic acoustical characteristics
Padmos, Cristo J.; De Roo, Foort

ENV-06-002-IP. How to predict the far field effect of barrier tops from diffraction test results
De Roo, Foort; Padmos, Cristo J.

ENV-06-003-IP. Effects of the double diffraction edge on traffic noise levels in the far field
Hans van Leeuwen; Renez Nota

ENV-06-004-IP. Using cen/ts 1793-4 to develop an acoustically effective added device for road traffic noise barriers
Garai, Massimo; Guidorzi, Paolo

ENV-06-005. Influence of the type of ground on the effectiveness of an acoustic barrier
Tarrero Fernández A.I.; Martín Bravo Mª A.; González Suárez, J.; Machimbarrena
Gutiérrez, M.; García Sastre, L.

ENV-06-006. Lifting preliminary of attenuation of noise by means of vegetable encountered on the biomass of the fenced-in tract of land forest gross & forest amazônica
Almeida, J.S.; Arruda, I.L.