Session Organizer: Wolfgang Probst

ENV-07-001-IP. Noise mapping by computer modelling: A practical implementation
Hernández Soto, Pablo; Puig i Solé, Eduard

ENV-07-002-IP. Geodesic systems for noise mapping and action planning – The new approach
Notario, Antonio

ENV-07-003. Large scale noise mapping in alpine valleys with MITHRA-SIG
Baulac, Marine; Defrance, Jérôme; Olny, Xavier; Miège, Bernard; Yvon, Claude

ENV-07-004. Preparation of noise action plans for major roads, railways and airports according to European Directive 2002/49/EC
Cholava, Rudolf; Markova, Petra; Smekal, Petr

ENV-07-005. Outdoor sound propagation in mountainous areas: Comparison of reference and engineering models
De Greve, Bram; Van Renterghem, Timothy; Botteldooren, Dick

ENV-07-006. A comparison of two models for outdoor sound propagation: Harmonoise and Nord2000
Jónsson, Gunnar Birnir; Jacobsen, Finn

ENV-07-007. The development of an independent noise prediction model
King, Eoin; Rice, Henry

ENV-07-008. Exploring environmental noise in a virtual 3D world
Pilla, Francesco; Rice, Henry

ENV-07-009. Calculate noise of wind-farms
Sénat, Claude; Garrigues, Sébastien; Gamba, René

ENV-07-010. Comparison among different solutions for the reduction of traffic noise issues
Morcillo, Miguel A.; Bragado, Beatriz; Hidalgo, Antonio; Hernández, María J.; García, Carlos

ENV-07-011. Noise map of traffic flow in oldtown Lima, Peru
Llimpe, Celso; Piaggio, Miguel, Moreno Jorge

ENV-07-012. Geothermal power plants noise mapping
Strani, Giancarlo