Session Organizers: Daniele Dubois; Catherine Guastavino

ENV-09-001-IP. Perception of product sound quality and sound quality in soundscapes
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp; Klaus Genuit; André Fiebig

ENV-09-002. Criteria for the determination of the area to be mapped around roads (Directive 2002/49/EC)
Zambon, Giovanni; Radaelli, Simone; Bisceglie, Alessandro

ENV-09-003-IP. NOIDESc: Incorporating Feature Descriptors into a Novel Railway Noise Evaluation Scheme
Brian Gygi, Werner A. Deutsch, Anton Noll, Alexander Hirner, Timo Becker

ENV-09-004-IP. Perceptual attributes of low amplitude sonic booms and other transient environmental sounds heard outdoors
Marshall, Andrew; Davies, Patricia

ENV-09-005-IP. Predicting listeners’ reports of environmental sounds
Andringa, Tjeerd; Grootel, Maarten van

ENV-09-006. Environmental noise annoyance in Valencia (Spain). Classification of the noise according to phisical approaches and psychoacoustics
José Romero Faus. Salvador Cerdá Jordá. Alicia Giménez. Jose Luis Miralles. José Vicente Garrigues. Rosa Cibrián. Jaume Segura

ENV-09-007-IP. Sounds like a park: A computational technique to recognize soundscapes holistically, without source identification
Aucouturier, Jean-Julien; Defreville, Boris

ENV-09-008-IP. Cognitive evaluation of sound quality: Bridging the gap between acoustic measurements and meaning
Daniele Dubois, Guastavino, Catherine

ENV-09-009-IP. The influence of traffic flow pattern on community noise annoyance
Gjesland Truls, Barbara Griefahn, Anna Preis, Honorata Hafke, Antoni Sobucki