Session Organizers: Giovanni Brambilla; Luigi Maffei

ENV-10-001-IP. Acoustic Cartographies: Supporting Experiential Learning and Shared Understanding of the Natural Heritage through Collaborative Mapping
Giaccardi, Elisa; Fogli, Daniela; Gelsomini, Ilaria; Pedrazzi, Francesca; Sabena, Gianluca; Speed, Chris

ENV-10-002-IP. Soundscape in the archeological area of Pompei
Brambilla, Giovanni; De Gregorio, Leda; Maffei, Luigi; Masullo, Massimiliano

ENV-10-003-IP. Acoustic and visual factors affecting the construction of tranquil space
Pheasant, Robert; Horoshenkov, Kirill; Watts, Greg; Barrett, Brendan

ENV-10-004. The positive soundscape project
Davies, W. J.; Adams, M. D.; Bruce, N. S.; Cain, R.; Carlyle, A.; Cusack, P.; Hume, K. I.; Jennings, P.; Plack, C. J.

ENV-10-005. Perception of a French city soundscapes by hearing impaired people
Saby, Laurent; Guarracino, Gérard; Premat, Eric

ENV-10-006. Sound environment qualitative assessment in the streets of Maracaibo – Venezuela
Quintero, Carolina; Recuero, Manuel

ENV-10-007. Annoyance from industrial noise: Laboratory study regarding noises from transformers fitted with a huge air cooling system
Alayrac, Marion; Marquis-Favre, Catherine; Viollon, Stéphanie

ENV-10-008. Influence of Low Frequency Sound Resembling Offshore Wind Turbine Noise on Fish
Mueller-Blenkle, Christina; Reíd, Dave; Jones, Emma G.; Lüdemann, Karin; Kafemann, Rudolf; Elepfandt, Andreas

ENV-10-009. Importance of personal, attitudinal and contextual variables in the assessment of pleasantness of the urban sound environment
Guillén, José Domingo; López Barrio, Isabel

ENV-10-010. The soundscape experience
Guillén, José Domingo; López Barrio, Isabel