Session Organizers: Murray Campbell; Vincent Gibiat

MUS-02-001-IP. Acoustic measurements along the history of saxophone: from Adolphe Sax to vintage instruments
Vincent Gibiat, Hamid Louaked, Jerôme Selmer

MUS-02-002. Non-linear propagation characteristics in the evolution of brass musical instrument design
Myers, Arnold; Gilbert, Joël; Pyle, Robert W.; Campbell, D. Murray

MUS-02-003-IP. Measurement Techniques and the Playability of Terminal Horn Crooks
Jonathan Kemp, John Chick, Murray Campbell, Darren Hendrie, Arnold Myers

MUS-02-004-IP. What have we learnt from Dom Bédos about pipe organ actions?
Woolley, Alan

MUS-02-005. Acoustical analysis for a txistu
Agos Esparza, Asier; Macho Stadler, Erica; Elejalde García, María Jesus

MUS-02-006-IP. Acoustical studies of historical keyboard instruments in the Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments
Earis, Andrew; Daly, Melissa ;JL Sun, Fei ;Thompson, Richard C.

MUS-02-007-IP. Acoustics of Korean historical percussion instruments pyeongyeong and pyeonjong
Yoo Junehee, Suyoung Jin, Hyunsoo Kim, Koeng-mo Sung, Junguk Noh, Hyun-woo Ko, Thomas Rossing

MUS-02-008. Introduction to the acoustic study of the Peruvian quena
Llimpe, Celso; Moreno, Jorge; Piaggio, Miguel

MUS-02-009. Acoustic transfer function of the Anjok: A bridge of the Korean traditional string instruments
Hyun-Woo Koh; Jung Uk Noh; Sangha Park; Koeng-mo Sung

MUS-02-010. Acoustic radiation pattern of the Sanjo Gayageum: A Korean traditional plucked string instrument
Jung Uk Noh; Hyun-Woo Koh; Koeng-mo Sung

MUS-02-011. Acoustic characteristics of the Haegeum body
Sangha Park; Jung Uk Noh; Ah-reum Lee; Koeng-Mo Sung