Session Organizers: Christophe Vergez, Jean Kergomard

MUS-04-001-IP. Theoretical and experimental investigations of harp s sympathetic modes
Le Carrou, Jean-Loïc; Gautier, François, Badeau, Roland

MUS-04-002-IP. A linearized modal analysis of the bowed string
Inácio, Octávio; Antunes, José

MUS-04-003-IP. Effects of a static transverse load on nonlinear dynamical properties of a buckled beam: A reduced order 2 degrees of freedom model
Mamou-Mani, Adrien; Frelat, Joël; Besnainou, Charles

MUS-04-004-IP. Non linear modal approach for electrodynamic loudspeaker modeling
Quaegebeur, Nicolas; Chaigne, Antoine

MUS-04-005-IP. Non-linear vibrations of shallow spherical caps with imperfections: Resonant forcing and mode coupling
Olivier Thomas; Cédric Camier; Cyril Touzé

MUS-04-006-IP. Modal representations and computational complexity in physical modeling sound synthesis applications
Bilbao, Stefan

MUS-04-007. Simulation of single reed instruments oscillations based on modal decomposition of bore and reed dynamics
Silva, F.; Debut, V.; Kergomard, J. ; Vergez, C.; Deblevid, A. ; Guillemain, P.

MUS-04-008-IP. Analysis and synthesis of bowed plates
Serafin, Stefania

MUS-04-009. Sound synthesis of a non-linear string using volterra series
Roze, David; Hélie, Thomas

MUS-04-010. On the properness condition for the complex modes in vibroacoustic modal analysis
Emmanuel Foltete, Morvan Ouiss