Session Organizer: Vesa Valimäki

MUS-05-001-IP. Timbre control of a real-time percussive synthesizer
Aramaki, Mitsuko; Kronland-Martinet, Richard; Voinier, Thierry; Ystad, Solvi

MUS-05-002-IP. Some comments on computational issues in modularized physical modeling sound synthesis
Bilbao, Stefan

MUS-05-003-IP. A brief survey of the lattice Boltzmann method in musical acoustics
Da Silva, Andrey R.; Kuehnelt, Helmut ; Scavone, Gary

MUS-05-004-IP. Physical modeling studies of the piano and violin
Giordano, N.; McKinney, C. P.

MUS-05-005-IP. The dynamically varying digital waveguide mesh
Murphy, Damian; Shelley, Simon; Ternström, Sten; Howard, David

MUS-05-006-IP. Combining performance actions with spectral models for violin sound transformation
Perez, Alfonso; Bonada, Jordi; Maestre, Esteban; Guaus, Enric; Blaauw, Merlijn

MUS-05-007-IP. Recent advances in real-time bowed string synthesis: Evaluation of the models
Serafin, Stefania; Young, Diana

MUS-05-008-IP. Modeling and measurement of wind instrument bores
Smyth, Tamara; Abel, Jonathan

MUS-05-009-IP. Towards physics-based re-synthesis of woodwind tones
Van Walstijn, Maarten; De Sanctis, Giovanni

MUS-05-010. Physical modelling and measurements of plate reverberation
Kevin Arcas

MUS-05-011. Cymatic: a real-time tactile-controlled physical modelling musical instrument
Howard, David M; Murphy, Damian T.

MUS-05-012. Aspects on physical modelling of a Chinese string instrument - the Guqin
Penttinen, Henri; Pakarinen, Jyri; Välimäki, Vesa; Laurson, Mikael; Kuuskankare, Mika; Li, Henbing;Leman, Marc

MUS-05-013-IP. Modeling virtual percussions and their virtual actuators
Rovetta, Diego; Sarti, Augusto: Scarparo, Gabriele; Tubaro, Stefano

MUS-05-014. The estimation of the vibroacoustic parameters of the sounding boards of musical instruments
Shlychkov, Sergey