Session Organizers: Malte Kob; Nathalie Henrich

MUS-06-001-IP. The activity of breathing muscles and thorax movement in classical singing
Viggo Pettersen

MUS-06-002-IP. Vocal Registers and Laryngeal Mechanisms, a case study: The French "Voix Mixte"
Castellengo, Michèle, Lamesch, Sylvain, Henrich, Nathalie

MUS-06-003-IP. Resonance tuning in singing
Smith, John; Henrich Nathalie; Wolfe, Joe

MUS-06-004-IP. Directivity measurements of the singing voice
Katz, Brian FG; d’Alessandro, Christophe

MUS-06-005-IP. Vocal directivity of eight opera singers in terms of spectro-spatial parameters
Cabrera, Densil; Davis, Pamela J.; Connolly, Anna

MUS-06-006-IP. Spectral correlates of carrying power in speech and western lyrical singing according to acoustic and phonetic factors
Pillot, Claire; Vaissière, Jacqueline

MUS-06-007. What are the spectral differences for singing sounds produced by different laryngeal mechanisms in the same pitch range?
Lamesch, Sylvain; Doval, Boris

MUS-06-008. An acoustic study on singing voices taught with different singing techniques
Sobucki, Antoni

MUS-06-009-IP. Observation of subharmonic voices
Sakakibara, Ken-Ichi; Imagawa, Hiroshi; Kimura, Miwako; Tokuda, Isao; Tayama, Niro

MUS-06-010. Exploration of vocal-folds and ventricular-bands interaction in singing using high-speed cinematography and electroglottography
Bailly, Lucie; Henrich, Nathalie; Webb, Mal; Müller, Frank; Licht, Anna-Katharina; Hess, Markus

MUS-06-011-IP. Application and extensions of straight-based morphing for singing voice manipulations based on vowel centred approach
Kawahara, Hideki

MUS-06-012-IP. Physical modelling of the human voice - influence of high frequency and acoustical coupling
Brutel-Vuilmet, Claire ; Pelorson, Xavier ; Van Hirtum, Annemie ; Ruty, Nicolas