MUS-07-001. Vocal Tract Interactions in Recorder Performance
Chen, Jer-Ming; Laurin, Dan; Smith, John; Wolfe, Joe

MUS-07-002. Reed vibration in western free-reed instruments
Cottingham, James P.

MUS-07-003. Physical basis of musical consonance and its application to the construction of scales
Fernandez-Herrero, Olaya; Lorente, Miguel

MUS-07-004. Timbral adjectives for the control of a music synthesizer
Howard, David M., Disley, Alastair C, Hunt Andrew D.

MUS-07-005. An algorithm to evaluate the appropriateness for playing scales on the piano
Seiko Akinaga, Masanobu Miura, Norio Emura and Yanagida Masuzo

MUS-07-006. FEM simulation of wall vibrations of brass instruments
Smevik, Torunn

MUS-07-007. Noise reduction combining microphone and piezoelectric device
Takahashi, Naoya; Matsumoto, Mitsuharu; Hashimoto, Shuji

MUS-07-008. The acoustics of the player-didjeridu system
Wolfe, Joe; Fletcher, Neville; Hollenberg, Lloyd; Lange, Ben; Smith John; Tarnopolsky, Alex

MUS-07-009. Note extraction of music signals using wavelet transforms
Charu Pathak

MUS-07-010. A new approach for the characterization of the resonance wood
M. Caniato, S. Favretto, E. Lucchini

MUS-07-011. Models of timbre using spectro-temporal receptive fields: investigation of coding strategies
Elhilali, Mounya; Shamma, Shihab; Thorpe, Simon J.; Pressnitzer, Daniel

MUS-07-012. Evaluation of the Emotional Affect Evoked by Music
Satoshi, Oode; Johann Ichiro, Bomer; Atsushi, Imai; Akio Ando; Takashi Taniguchi

MUS-07-013. An HMM based investigation of differences between musical instruments of the same type
Eichner, Matthias; Wolff, Matthias; Hoffmann, Rüdiger

MUS-07-014. A support system for practicing the drums using visual feedback
Naoki, Iwami; Masanobu, Miura

MUS-07-015. Estimating a chrod name for a set of notes played with a midi-guitar
Yasushi Konoki, Norio Emura; Masanobu Miura

MUS-07-016. Automatic score reduction for small-sized wind-orchestras from a score for standard wind-orchestras
Maekawa, Hirosh; Emura, Norio; Miura, Masanobu; Yanagida, Masuzo

MUS-07-017. A system Yielding Harmony to given melodies based on the theory of popular music
Hikaru, Morita; Norio, Emura; Masanobu, Miura; Masuzo Yanagida

MUS-07-018. Generation of suitable phrases for basic training to overcome weak points in playing the piano
Masahiro, Mukai; Norio, Emura; Masanobu, Miura; Masuzo, Yanagida

MUS-07-019. An index for evaluating the performance proficiency of tremolo played by the Mandolin
Nozomiko Yasui, Masafumi Kinou and Masanobu Miura

MUS-07-020. Music therapy with a large-scale midi controller using a mat switch
Niikawa, Takuya; Yamagishi, Kazuaki; Onishi, Eri; Kawachi, Ryosuke; Minato, Kotaro; Yoshihara, Tatsuo; Terayama, Naoya

MUS-07-021. A modular system yielding Jazz-style voicing for a given set of a melody and its chord name sequence
Norio, Emura; Masanobu, Miura; Masuzo, Yanagida

MUS-07-022. Comparison between different resonance woods by a new scientific method
M. Caniato, S. Favretto, E. Lucchini

MUS-07-023. “Set phasors to stun”: An algorithm to improve phase coherence on transients in multi microphone recordings
Justin Paterson