Session Organizer: Robert Mettin; Cleofé Campos

NLA-01-001-IP. Cavitation nuclei and thresholds of acoustic cavitation in ocean water
Akulichev, Victor

NLA-01-002-IP. Optimization of the cavitation activity in pulsed ultrasound fields
Dezhkunov, Nikolai; Francescutto, Alberto; Calligaris, Franco; Ciuti, Piero, Fedorynchic Michael

NLA-01-003-IP. Liquid-bubble dynamics on ultrasonic applications
Fuster, Daniel; Hauke, Guillermo; Dopazo, César

NLA-01-004-IP. Dynamics of an acoustically driven encapsulated gas bubble immersed in a liquid
Jiménez-Fernández , Javier

NLA-01-005-IP. Numerical simulation of nonlinear ultrasonic waves in bubbly liquid with nonhomogeneous bubble distribution
Vanhille, Christian; Campos-Pozuelo, Cleofé

NLA-01-006-IP. Experimental observation of nonlinear self-focusing in the cavitation field
Campos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Granger,Chrsitian; Vanhille, Chrsitian; Dubus, Bertrand

NLA-01-007. Dispersive and nonlinear effects during wave propagation in biot medium with fluid saturated cavities
Erofeyev, Vladimir; Pegushin, Anton; Sheshenin, Sergey

NLA-01-008-IP. Sound propagation and bubble motion in a cavitating channel
Mettin, Robert, Claussen, Jann-Ohle; Campos-Pozuelo, Cleofé

NLA-01-009. Nonlinear interaction of elastic waves in solid porous material
Pegushin, Anton; Erofeyev, Vladimir; Sheshenin, Sergey

NLA-01-010. The effect of HIFU-relevant rates of heating on the growth and dissolution of nuclei available for inertial cavitation
Webb, Ian R.; Arora, Manish; Collin, Jamie R.T.; Payne, Stephen J.; Roy, Ronald, A. and Coussios, Constantin-C.

NLA-01-012. Remotely powered microfluidics
Dijkink, Rory; Ohl, Claus-Dieter; Prosperetti, Andrea

NLA-01-013-IP. Influence of ambient bubble radius on sonoluminescence and sonochemical reactions
Yasui, Kyuichi; Tuziuti, Toru; Kozuka, Teruyuki; Towata, Atsuya; Iida, Yasuo

NLA-01-014-IP. Reconstruction of sonoluminescent OH bands. From Hydrodynamics to Spectroscopy
Thierry Lepoint , Bertrand Dubus

NLA-01-015-IP. Sound, shells and sonoporation
Michiel Postema

NLA-01-016-IP. Soundwaves microbubble interactions: the effects of biomaterials in vicinity and different wave profiles
Fong, Siew Wan; Klaseboer, Evert; Khoo, Boo Cheong

NLA-01-017. Pressure pulses from transient cavitation in High-Q resonators
Gaitan, D. Felipe; Tessien, Ross A., Hiller, Robert A.

NLA-01-018. Sonoluminescence in hetero organic volatile solvents at room temperature
Troia Adriano; Madonna-Ripa Daniele; Spagnolo Renato