Session Organizer: Koen van den Abeele

NLA-06-001-IP. Elastic wave nonlinearity for monitoring of localized damage in engineering materials
Solodov, Igor; Busse, Gerhard

NLA-06-002-IP. Nonlinearity based diagnosis and localization techniques for microdamage detection
Koen Van Den Abeele, Pierre-Yves Le Bas

NLA-06-003-IP. Advances in time reversal nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy (TR NEWS) for application to nonlinear nondestructive evaluation, Imaging and source complexity
Paul Johnson, T.J. Ulrich, Brian Anderson

NLA-06-004-IP. Ultrasonic inter-modulation for global non-destructive testing
Courtney, C.R.P.; Drinkwater, B. W.; Neild, S.A.; Wilcox, P.D.

NLA-06-005-IP. Monitoring fatigue damage in cortical bone using nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy
TJ Ulrich, Paul A. Johnson, Marie Muller, Pascal Laugier, Maryline Talmant, David Mitton

NLA-06-006-IP. Higher harmonic imaging of micro damage and tight cracks
Koichiro, Kawashima; Morimasa, Murase; Fumio, Fujita

NLA-06-007-IP. Is stick-slip an important cause of acoustic dissipation in damaged synthetic opal?
Fillinger, Laurent; Gusev, Vitalyi

NLA-06-008. TR-New and NEWS-TR experiments for an imaging of the local nonlinearity in damaged aeronautic complex structure
Serge Dos Santos, Pierre-Yves Le Bas, Koen Van Den Abeele, Thomas Goursolle, Olivier Bou Matar

NLA-06-009-IP. Experimental study of the influence of corrosion on the nonlinear elastic properties of metals
Ignacio Tinao Perez-Miravete, R. Rodríguez-Montejano,. C. Campos-Pozuelo

NLA-06-010. Structural damage of aluminum alloy 6082 determined by nonlinear elastic wave modulation spectroscopy
Straka, Ladislav; Yagodzinskyy, Yuriy; Hänninen, Hannu