Session Organizers: Christian Vanhille; Cleofé Campos

NLA-07-001-IP. Numerical simulation of acoustical shock wave propagation in heterogeneous and moving media
Coulouvrat, François; Marchiano, Régis; Ganjehi, Lili; Rollet, Christian

NLA-07-002-IP. Numerical simulation of two-dimensional high-amplitude acoustic field in cylindrical resonators using Kuznetsovs equation
Cervenka, Milan

NLA-07-003-IP. Acoustic streaming in a resonance field of cylindrical standing waves
Yano, Takeru

NLA-07-004-IP. Investigation of amplitude dependence on nonlinear acoustics using the direct simulation Monte Carlo method
Hanford, Amanda D.; Long, Lyle N.

NLA-07-005-IP. 2D and 3D pseudo spectral time domain simulations of elastic waves propagation in nonlinear hysteretic heterogeneous solids: Application to Time Reversal Imaging of Damaged Materials
Bou Matar, Olivier; Goursolle, Thomas; Dos Santos, Serge; Calle, Samuel

NLA-07-006-IP. Numerical study of particle motion in a standing wave including nonlinear interactions
Icíar González

NLA-07-007-IP. Radiation force from scattering calculations: Beams and other examples
Marston, Philip L. and Thiessen, David B.

NLA-07-008. 3D time-domain modeling of nonlinear medical ultrasound with a contrast source method: behavior of the contrast sources
Huijssen, Jacob; Verweij, Martin D.; De Jong,