Session Organizers: François Coulouvrat; Philippe Blanc-Benon; Victor Sparrow

NLA-08-001-IP. From sonic boom to sonic puff
Plotkin, Kenneth J.

NLA-08-002-IP. Sonic-boom research and low-boom demonstrator project in JAXA
Makino, Yoshikazu; Naka, Yusuke

NLA-08-003-IP. HISAC midterm: Overview of sonic boom issues
Heron, Nicolas; Rogé, Gilbert; Johan, Zdenek; Coulouvrat, François, Dagrau, Franck

NLA-08-004-IP. Experimental simulation of the sonic boom at the laboratory scale
Thomas, JeanLouis; Coulouvrat, François; Marchiano, Régis; Baudoin, Michaël; Ganjehi, Lili

NLA-08-005-IP. Acoustic propagation and atmosphere characteristics derived from infrasonic waves generated by the secondary sonic bang
Gainville, Olaf; Blanc, Elisabeth; Le Pichon, Alexis; Piserchia, Pierre-Franck; Blanc- Benon, Philippe

NLA-08-006-IP. A semantic differential study of low amplitude supersonic aircraft noise and other transient sounds
Marshall, Andrew; Davies, Patricia

NLA-08-007. A complete process for sonic boom assessment with atmospheric and manoeuvres effects
Dagrau, Franck; Coulouvrat, François; Heron, Nicolas; Marchiano Régis; Rogé, Gilbert; Johan, Zdenek

NLA-08-008. Numerical simulation of “low level” sonic boom propagation through random inhomogeneous sound speed fields
Ollivier, Sébastien; Blanc-Benon, Philippe

NLA-08-009. Nonlinear propagation of shock waves through heterogeneous media
Ganjehi, Lili; Marchiano, Régis; Coulouvrat, François; Thomas, Jean-Louis

NLA-08-010. Perceived loudness fluctuations in low-boom signatures due to atmospheric turbulence
Locey, Lance L.; Sparrow, Victor W.