Session Organizers: Jordi Romeu; Yasuaki Okada

NOI-01-001-IP. Effect of atmospheric absorption on aircraft noise propagation in several world regions during a year
Okada, Yasuaki; Yoshihisa, Koichi; Iwase, Teruo

NOI-01-002-IP. Recent progress in development of airport noise models in Japan
Yamada, Ichiro

NOI-01-003-IP. Architectural measures aimed at solving the problem of aircraft noise in buildings
Zamora-Mestre, Joan-Lluís

NOI-01-004-IP. The use of sound intensity for the determination of the acoustic trajectory of aircrafts
Moschioni, Giovanni; Saggin, Bortolino; Tarabini, Marco

NOI-01-005. Short term annoyance due to aircraft noise
Barbot, Benoit; Lavandier, Catherine

NOI-01-006. Effect of noise generated by VF-5 airplanes on the function of the heart
F. Méndez y M. Recuero

NOI-01-007. Interior active noise control in turbofan aircraft: Numerical simulation and experimental validation for optimal actuators positioning
Monaco, Ernesto; Franco, Francesco; Iadevaia, Michele; Lecce, Leonardo

NOI-01-008. Aeroacoustic research at the University of Adelaide: Development of an experimental facility, initial results, and future research programme
Damien Leclercq, Con Doolan, Capucine Roux

NOI-01-009. Reconstruction of acoustic source strengths for broadband noise control in a lined duct
Bravo, Teresa; Maury, Cedric

NOI-01-010. Analytical and experimental studies of the Herschel-Quincke tubes by its acoustic scattering matrix
Poirier, Benjamin; Foucart, Felix; Maury, Cédric; Ville, Jean-Michel