NOI-02-001-IP. In-situ measurements of the complex acoustic impedance of materials in vehicle interiors
Leonardo Miranda, Jorge D. Alvarez B., Finn Jacobsen

NOI-02-002. Active noise control inside the ambulance, doing a comparative study
Rosely M. V. Campos, Rodrigo Caputo, Aline U. Santos

NOI-02-003. Noise from road traffic and its effects on the central nervous system of informal and formal commercial traders in the centre of Barquisimeto
Díaz, Luz Mariana; Recuero, Manuel

NOI-02-004. Experimental investigation of acoustic properties of mufflers with perforated pipes
Guo, Ying; Dolinar,Andreas; Åbom,Mats; Allam,Sabry

NOI-02-005. Theoretical prediction of ground vibrations from heavy military vehicles
Krylov, V.V., McNuff, J. and Pickup, S.

NOI-02-006. Experimental investigation of sound power radiation form partly open enclosure with numerous interior objects
Lindberg, Eskil; Andersson, Patrik B.U.

NOI-02-007. Acoustic behaviour of circular mufflers with single inlet and double opposite outlet
Antebas, Antoine G.; Pedrosa, Ana M.; Denia, Francisco D.; Fuenmayor, F. Javier

NOI-02-008. Measurement of Impulsive Sound
Rasmussen, Gunnar; Rasmussen, Per

NOI-02-009. FEM/BEM numerical modeling of a diesel engine acoustic emission
Siano, Daniela; Amoroso, Francesco

NOI-02-010-IP. Psychoacoustic analysis of rattling noise inside vehicle cabins
Rossi, Federico; Nicolini, Andrea

NOI-02-011. Subjective evaluation of air-conditioning sound in a vehicle using psychoacoustic parameters
Nakasaki, Ryota; Hasegawa, Hiroshi; Ozeki, Yukio; Onda, Masaharu; Kasuga, Masao