NOI-03-001-IP. Does exposure to different realistic industrial noises cause distinguishable cochlear damage in awake guinea pigs?
Emmerich, Edeltraut; Linss, Volker; Linss, Werner; Richter, Frank

NOI-03-002. An examination of some noisy plants in Istanbul according to the European directive
Ilgürel, Nuri ; Serefhanoglu Sözen, Müjgan

NOI-03-003. Psychoacoustic characterisation of the noise at the operator position of a compact loader during real working conditions
Carletti, Eleonora; Casazza, Camilla; Pedrielli Francesca

NOI-03-004. Aeroacoustic coupling of a misaligned jet-slot-oscillator with non-planar modes of a resonator
Glesser, Martin; Billon, Alexis; Valeau, Vincent; Sakout, Anas

NOI-03-005. Effect of vaned diffuser on noise generated by vacuum cleaner suction units
Cudina, Mirko; Prezelj, Jurij

NOI-03-006. Mitigation of noise generated by transformers of high tension electrical stations
Bellomini, Raffaella; Luzzi, Sergio; Borchi, Francesco; Giorgi, Alberto; Gori, Manuel

NOI-03-007. Noise exposure and work-related injury rate in woodworkers
Gomzi, Milica

NOI-03-008. The identification of ultrasonic noise based on the questionnaire method
Smagowska, Bozena; Mikulski, Witold

NOI-03-009. Evaluation of noise characteristics for sound absorbent materials and structures
Bratu, Polidor

NOI-03-010. Technical means intended to reduce noise inside cabins provided on construction equipment
Bratu, Polidor

NOI-03-011. Structural and functional analysis of the vibration insulation in case of construction machines cabin
Mihalcea, Aurelia