Session Organizer: Michel Berengier

NOI-05-001-IP. Model experiments on shock wave interaction with the ground
Attenborough, Keith; Qin, Qin

NOI-05-002-IP. Ground effect calculations for micro structured terrain
Heutschi, Kurt

NOI-05-003-IP. A Benchmark on analytical and numerical models for road traffic noise propagation
Bérengier, Michel; Duhamel, Denis; Gauvreau, Benoît; Droste, Bettina; Auerbach, Markus

NOI-05-004-IP. Numerical simulation on long range outdoor sound propagation over non-flat terrains by the coupled FDTD-PE method
Takatoshi, Yokota; Koichi, Makino; Yoshihiro, Hirao; Kohei, Yamamoto

NOI-05-005-IP. Sound propagation in a valley-slope configuration: Measurements and simulations
Van Renterghem, Timothy; Botteldooren, Dick; Lercher, Peter

NOI-05-006-IP. Meteorological classification for environmental acoustics – practical implications due to experimental accuracy and uncertainty
Junker, Fabrice; Gauvreau, Benoit; Ecotière, David; Crémézi-Charlet, Cora; Blanc-Benon, Philippe

NOI-05-007-IP. Temporal fluctuation of atmospheric absorption of sound in various world regions during a year
Yoshihisa, Koichi; Okada, Yasuaki; Tatsuda Kenji ; Iwase, Teruo

NOI-05-008-IP. Computational study of sound propagation over undulating water
Salomons, Erik

NOI-05-009. Effect of the snow cover on near-ground sound wave propagation in the atmosphere
Krasnenko, Nikolay; Rakov, Denis

NOI-05-010. Propagation of aircraft sonic boom through real atmospheres
Kästner, Martina; Heimann, Dietrich