Session Organizer: Pierre-Etienne Gautier

NOI-06-001-IP. Acoustic sources characterisation on railway vehicle for prediction and audio synthesis of pass-by noise
Bongini Estelle, Molla Stephane, Gautier Pierre-Etienne, Habault Dominique, Mattei Pierre-Olivier, Poisson Franck

NOI-06-002-IP. High speed train noise propagation at mid-ranges
Cotté, Benjamin; Blanc-Benon, Philippe; Cremezi-Charlet, Cora; Poisson, Franck

NOI-06-003-IP. High speed trains external noise:recent results in the TGV case
Gautier, Pierre-Etienne; Poisson, Franck ; Létourneaux, Fabien

NOI-06-004-IP. Psychomechanics applied to a plate/cavity system and train coaches
Guibert, Emmanuelle; Habault, Dominique; Gautier, Pierre-Etienne; Poisson, Franck

NOI-06-005-IP. The reduction of railway noise in the European integrated project Silence
Poisson Franck; Gautier Pierre-Etienne

NOI-06-006-IP. Sensitive structures subject to ground vibrations
Sagaseta, César; Sánchez-Alciturri, José M.

NOI-06-007. Experimental characterization and numerical modelling of the squeal noise generated by railway disc brakes
Chiello, Olivier; Lorang, Xavier; Cordier, Jean-François; Margiocchi, Florence

NOI-06-008. Noise mapping for railway noise: Assessment of Nmpb method as implemented in different software, comparison with Rmr method
Tellado, Nagore; Gautier, Pierre-Etienne; Poisson, Franck; Pinaqui, Stephanie

NOI-06-009. Noise and vibration measurements of curve squeal noise due to trams on the track
Volz, Rudi; Feldmann, Joachim