NOI-07-001. Dynamic urban traffic noise: do indivualized emission laws improve estimation?
Can, Arnaud; Leclercq, Ludovic; Lelong, Joël

NOI-07-002. A Proposed Acoustical Standard for Correctional Facility Housing Units
Christoff, Jerry P.

NOI-07-003. Method of quantification of the subjective satisfaction by the increase of the house value before the attenuation/elimination of the transit noise in the great arteries due to performances of urban rehabilitation in Barcelona
Daumal, Francesc; De Gortari, Jimena

NOI-07-004. Karaoke: Another 2 edges acoustic source
Elizondo-Garza, Fernando J.; Villalobos-Luna, José de Jesús

NOI-07-005. Noisy audio sources separation by independent component analysis and empirical modal distribution
Lamya Fergani; Amrane Houacine

NOI-07-006. Optimal step size of frequency domain adaptive algorithm for active noise control systems using simultaneous equations method
Kensaku, Fujii; Yusuke, Iwamatsu; Tadashi Ujino; Mitsuji Muneyasu

NOI-07-007. The integral fight against the urban noise. performances in the city of Leon (Spain)
E. García Ortiz, M. Fuentes Robles, J. Cepeda Riaño, G. Búrdalo Salcedo, M. de Barrios Carro, D. García de la Peña

NOI-07-008. Screen use possibilities as protection from transport noise and prospects of their improvement
Danielius Gužas; Robertas Klimas; Vaclovas Tricys

NOI-07-009. Development of a social survey method on traffic noise using the Internet and the geographic information system (GIS)
Jiro Kaku, Takatoshi Yokota, Seiichiro Namba, Seigou Ogata, and Ichiro Yamada

NOI-07-010. A study of sound shielding efficiency of ear muffs combined with piezoelectric polymer films
Kodama, Hidekazu; Date, Munehiro; Yamamoto, Kohei; Fukada, Eiichi

NOI-07-011. The assessment of noise nuisance in the neighbourhood – ÖAL guideline No. 3 Part 1
Lechner, Christoph; Talasch, Werner

NOI-07-012. Assessment of occupational noise exposure in quarries and gravel pits within the Madrid region
Pavón, Ignacio; Recuero, Manuel

NOI-07-013. Approximate reconstruction of sound fields close to the surface of arbitrarily shaped sound sources using NAH
Prager, Jens; Petersson, Bjoern A.T.

NOI-07-014. QCITY – A concept for noise mapping, ranking, hot spot detection and action planning
Probst, Wolfgang

NOI-07-015. Many laws and little noise in the local agenda policy and management of the environment and urban noise (Venezuela)
Ferrer, Mercedes; Quintero, Carolina

NOI-07-016. Reduction of annoyance by masking with a steady or fluctuating sound
Tamesue, Takahiro; Saeki Tetsuro; Itoh, Kazunori

NOI-07-017. A suggestion of noise reduction wall with acoustic Fresnel lens and active noise control system
Ishii, Hiroaki; Nakayama, Masato; Nishiura, Takanobu; Nakagawa, Shinichi

NOI-07-018. Characterization of the noise emitted by trolley buses and development of a noise emission model
Lelong Joel ; Chatagnon Roger