Session Organizer: Vitalyi Goussev

PHY-03-001-IP. Mechanical energy propagation in granular alignments: Basic physics and potential applications
Sen, Surajit

PHY-03-002-IP. Ultrasonic wave transport in phononic crystal and disordered mesostructures made from weakly consolidated aluminum beads
Page, John; Hu, Hefei

PHY-03-003-IP. Time-Frequency analysis of dispersion relation in a constrained triangular lattice of beads
Coste, Christophe; Gilles, Bruno

PHY-03-004-IP. Nonlinear coda-type acoustic signals in granular media
Tournat, Vincent; Gusev, Vitalyi

PHY-03-005-IP. Sound propagation in dense granular packings and its implication to seismology
Jia Xiaoping, Johnson Paul A

PHY-03-006-IP. Nonlinear acoustic precursors of avalanche-type events in granular packing: laboratory demonstrations
V.Yu. Zaitsev, P. Richard, R. Delannay, V. Tournat, V.E. Gusev

PHY-03-007-IP. Surface elastic waves in granular media under gravity and their relation to booming avalanches
Bruno Andreotti

PHY-03-008-IP. Experimental determination of the phase velocities of guided acoustic modes in granular media
X. Jacob, P. Leclaire, V. Aleshin, V. Tournat, O. Dazel, W. Lauriks, J. F. Allard, V. Gusev

PHY-03-009-IP. Evaluation of the mechanical properties of granular media at low pressures
Jacob Xavier; Tournat Vincent ; Aleshin Vladislav; Gusev Vitali

PHY-03-010-IP. Acoustic modes induced by force chains in granular lattices
Inserra, Claude, Tournat, Vincent, Gusev, Vitalyi

PHY-03-011. Guiding of acoustic waves beneath the surface of an unconsolidated granular crystal
Gusev, Vitalyi; Tournat, Vincent

PHY-03-012. New semi-empirical model for sound propagation in adsorbing microporous solids (activated carbon)
Bechwati, Fouad; Umnova, Olga; Cox, Trevor J.