Session Organizers: Marie-Annick Galland; María Cuesta

PHY-04-001-IP. Component mode synthesis finite element model of a smart double-plate panel
Batifol, Cedric; Ichchou, Mohamed; Galland, Marie-Annick

PHY-04-002-IP. Numerical analysis of smart foam for acoustic absorption
Leroy, Pierre; Berry Alain; Atalla Noureddine; Herzog Philippe

PHY-04-003-IP. Modelling of poroelastic layers with mass implants improving acoustic absorption
Zielinski, Tomasz G.

PHY-04-004. Photoelastic properties of nontransparent crystals
Farkhad, Akhmedzhanov

PHY-04-005-IP. Reduction of the noise transmitted by an enclosure thanks to active absorbers
Dupont, Jean-Baptiste; Galland, Marie-Annick

PHY-04-006-IP. Control of low-frequency wall reflections in an anechoic room: estimation of the scattered sound from wall measurements
Gintz, Alexandre; Friot, Emmanuel

PHY-04-007-IP. Direct assessment of acoustic quantities within active materials
Lissek, Hervé

PHY-04-008-IP. A new reverberation enhancement system – Carmencita
Schmich, Isabelle, Chervin Paul, Maillard, Julien, Rougier Christophe