PHY-06-001. A self-consistent effective medium theory for the sound propagation in concentrated suspensions of rigid particles
Baudoin, Michael; Thomas, Jean-Louis; Coulouvrat, François; Lhuillier, Daniel

PHY-06-002. Measure in tube of impedance of different types of wood
M. Teresa Lorenzana Lorenzana; J. Canedo Monasterio; L. García Sastre; J. González Suárez

PHY-06-003. Ultrasonic attenuation and piezoelectric properties at phase transitions of layered polar crystals OF CuInP2S6 family
Samulionis, Vytautas, Banys, Juras and Vysochanskii, Yulian

PHY-06-004. Acoustical dissipation in thallous halides
R.K. Singh, Rishipal Singh, M. P. Singh

PHY-06-005. Coherent wave in a fluid slab-like region containing a random distribution of elastic scatterers: Experiments
Tinel, Alain; Luppé, Francine; Conoir, Jean-Marc

PHY-06-006. Visualizing sound travelling through periodic structures
Wright, Oliver; Profunser, Dieter; Matsuda, Osamu; Khelif, Abdelkrim; Laude, Vincent; Benchabane, Sarah; Tanaka, Yukihiro

PHY-06-007. Analysis of acoustic fields in elastic media with microdefects by using laser interferometry
Zhitluhina, Julia; Perov, Dmitry; Rinkevich, Anatoly

PHY-06-008. Analysis of guided acoustic waves in piezoelectric semiconductor plates
Collet, Bernard

PHY-06-009. The use of Ultrasonic Signals to Estimate the Damage Condition of Materials after Static and Fatigue Loading
V.V. Mishakin

PHY-06-010. The energy characteristics of acoustic waves in dissipative piezoelectric materials and structures
Teplykh, Andrei; Zaitsev, Boris; Kuznetsova, Iren

PHY-06-011. Acousto-optic method development for the acoustic behaviour study of some materials metallic and no metallic
Ferria kouider; Laouar Naamane

PHY-06-012. Optimization of the acoustic attenuation of sonic crystals by means of the creation of vacancies
Fuster-Garcia, Elies; Romero-García, Vicent; García Raffi, L.Miguel; Sánchez-Pérez, J. Vicente; Blasco, Xavier; Herrero, J.Manuel

PHY-06-013. The broadband ultrasonic absorption in the water-based magnetic liquid as a function of the magnetic field strength
Hornowski, Tomasz

PHY-06-014. Refraction index behaviour of sonic crystals in the range of low frequencies
Fuster-Garcia, Elies; Romero-García, Vicent; García Raffi, L.Miguel; Sánchez-Pérez, J. Vicente

PHY-06-015. Control of noise using mixed structures based on sonic crystals
Romero-García, Vicent; Fuster-Garcia, Elies; García Raffi, L.Miguel; Sánchez-Pérez, J. Vicente