Session Organizers: Gerard Maze; Peter Rogers

PHY-07-001-IP. Resonances, Rays, and Acoustic Beams: Applications to Scatteri
Marston, Philip L.

PHY-07-002-IP. Resonance modes of immersed type I and type II transversely isotropic clad rods
Sodagar, Sina; Honarvar, Farhang; Sinclair, Anthony N.

PHY-07-003-IP. Resonance scattering from a ribbed finite cylindrical shell
Tran-Van-Nhieu, Michel

PHY-07-004-IP. A few exemples of resonances ion multiple scattering
Conoir, Jean-Marc

PHY-07-005-IP. Classification of an object buried in sand by an acoustic resonance spectrum method
Gérard Maze, Dominique Decultot, Katia Cacheleux

PHY-07-006-IP. Edge resonances in semi-infinite thick pipe: theoretical predictions and measurements
Ratassepp, Madis; Klauson, Aleksander; Chati, Farid; Léon, Fernand; Maze, Gérard

PHY-07-007-IP. Three-dimensional edge waves in semi-infinite elastic plates
Kaplunov, Julius; Prikazchikov, Danila; Zernov, Victor

PHY-07-008. Experimental identification of very low frequency flexural vibration modes of partly submerged plate
Décultot, Dominique; Chati, Farid; Maze. Gérard; Klauson, Aleksander

PHY-07-009. Transmission of radial waves through an helical spring
E. Rosenkrantz, J.Y. Ferrandis, J. Mathieu and G. Lévêque

PHY-07-010. Intensity measurement of a periodic shock wave in a resonator
Biwa, Tetsushi; Yazaki, Taichi

PHY-07-011. Astride localization in cavities filled with an irregular absorber
Félix, Simon; Sapoval, Bernard; Filoche, Marcel; Asch, Mark

PHY-07-012. Proposal an empirical model for absorbent acoustical materials based in kenaf
del Rey Tormos, Romina; Alba Fernández, Jesús, Sanchís Vicente