PHY-08-001. Sound Attenuation in Ducts Utilizing Spatially Periodic Area Changes with Absorbing Material
Bliss, Donald; Franzoni, Linda; Burton, Lisa

PHY-08-002. A noniterative linear method for locating sources based on measuring receiver arrival times
Militello, Carmelo; Buenafuente, Sergio

PHY-08-003. Enhanced acoustical transmission through a subwavelength aperture flanked by surface corrugations
Christensen, Johan; Garcia-Vidal, Francisco Jose

PHY-08-004. Experimental wave number separation of wall-pressure fluctuations beneath a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Debert, Sébastien; Pachebat, Marc; Valeau, Vincent; Gervais, Yves

PHY-08-005. Acoustic and hydrodynamic modes generated by a point source in a duct carrying a parallel shear flow
Félix, Simon ; Pagneux, Vincent

PHY-08-006. Acoustic field modelling in a quasi-spherical resonator for the determination of the Boltzmann constant
Guianvarc'h, Cécile; Pitre, Laurent; Bruneau, Michel; Bruneau, Anne-Marie

PHY-08-007. Sound absorption by an active resonator in a tube and in an enclosure
Kanev, Nikolay; Mironov, Mikhail

PHY-08-008. Linear waves in bubbly liquid and equilibrium bubble size distribution
Kovinskaya Svetlana

PHY-08-009. Dynamic spectral analysis of the ir heterolaser radiation change under ultrasonic strain
Kulakova, Ludmila; Tarasov, Ilya; Yakhkind, Eduard

PHY-08-010. New method for the calculation of the thermodynamical properties of fluids starting from accurate speed of sound measurements
Lago Simona, Giuliano Albo Alberto, Madonna Ripa Daniele

PHY-08-011. Acoustic properties of thin-walled elastic tube, containing polymeric liquid with fine bubbles
Levitsky, Semyon; Bergman, Rudolf; Haddad, Jehuda

PHY-08-012. Ultrasonic investigations of water mixtures with polyethylene glycols, from 200 to 1540 and ethylene glycol
Wioletta Zwirbla, Anna Sikorska, Bogumil, B.J. Linde

PHY-08-013. Attenuation of Eigen modes in wells and pipes due to their scattering on the rough inner surface
Maximov, German; Horoshenkov Kirill; Ortega, Elina; Podjachev, Evgeny; Rybak, Samuil

PHY-08-014. Nondiffractive propagation in sonic crystals
Espinosa, Víctor, Sánchez Morcillo, Víctor J., Pérez-Arjona, Isabel, Staliunas, Kestutis; Redondo, Javier

PHY-08-015. Application of Phase Adjuster for Improvement in the Efficiency of Energy Conversion from Heat to Sound in Thermoacoustic System
Sakamoto, Shin-ichi; Nishikawa, Masahiro; Ishino, Takahiro; Watanabe, Yoshiaki

PHY-08-016. Application of photoacoustic technique for detecting associated structures in dioxane-water solution
Sikorska Anna, Linde Bogumil, Sliwinski Antoni

PHY-08-017. Acoustic radiation force: a unique tool for elasticity imaging and HIFU therapy in the domain of MRI and Ultrasound
Sinkus, Ralph; Mickael Tanter, Jean-Francois Aubry, Jean-Luc Gennisson, Mathias Fink

PHY-08-018. Different Zakharenko waves in layered and quantum systems
A.A. Zakharenko

PHY-08-019. Application possibilities of the artificial intelligence elements for recognizing the acoustic emission signals generated by partial discharges
Sebastian Borucki, Andrzej Cichon, Marcin Lorenc, Tomasz Boczar

PHY-08-020. Optimization of the acoustic attenuation of Sonic Crystals by means of the creation of vacancies
Sánchez Pérez, Juan Vicente; Romero-García, Vicent; Fuster-Garcia, Elies; García-Raffi, Luis Miguel

PHY-08-021-IP. New class of surface acoustic waves in the unmagnetic dielectric
Lapteva Tetyana, Tarasenko S.V., Shavrov V.G.

PHY-08-022. Sound wave reflection from the corrugated plane streamed by the parallel shear flow (generalized miles mechanism)
Solntseva, Vasilisa; Mironov, Mikhail; Kopiev Victor

PHY-08-023. The comparison of the calibration method of measurement paths used in acoustic diagnostics of insulation systems
Marcin Lorenc; Tomasz Boczar; Sebastain Borucki; Andrzej Cichon

PHY-08-024. The negative acoustic refraction of 1D magnetic phononic crystal
Tarasenko Olga; Tarasenko S.V.; Yurchenko V.M.

PHY-08-025. Applications of Directional Acoustics Technique
Yangze Dong, Peng Sun, Pingxiang Liu

PHY-08-026. Improving energy conversion efficiency in a thermoacoustic cooling system ~ Property of energy conversion placing high heat conductivity material on top of the stack adjacent areas of the heat source ~
Miya, Naoki; Sakamoto, Shin-ichi; Kondo, Masahiro; Watanabe, Yoshiaki

PHY-08-027. The acoustic pulse signal diffraction on different reflectors in an elastic medium
Perov, Dmitry; Rinkevich, Anatoly

PHY-08-028. Basic study for the miniaturization of thermoacoustic cooler ~ Determination of an insertion position and channel radius of the stack ~
Tsuji, Yoshiyuki; Sakamoto, Shin-ichi; Ishino, Takahiro; Watanabe, Yoshiaki

PHY-08-029. Basic study for the miniaturization of thermoacoustic cooling system ~ Relationship between OT and total length ~
Wakata, Tetsuya; Sakamoto, Shin-ichi; Nishikawa, Masahiro; Watanabe, Yoshiaki