Session Organizers: Hugo Fastl; Alfred Zeitler

PPA-02-001-IP. Master Scaling in Psychoacoustics
Berglund, Birgitta; Nilsson, Mats E.

PPA-02-002-IP. Dissimilarity ratings of in-car sounds: comparison between in-situ and laboratory experiments
Parizet, Etienne; Langlois, Sabine; Richard, Florent

PPA-02-003-IP. How does annoyance judgement depend on the context effect?
Anna Preis, Honorata Hafke, Tomasz Kaczmarek

PPA-02-004-IP. The functional imagery and sound quality of auditory signals
Iwamiya, Shin-ichiro; Fujita, Aiko; Taguchi, Manabu

PPA-02-005-IP. Nonmonotonic behaviour of psychoacoustic unpleasantness as a function of sharpness
Weber, Reinhard; Eilers, Reef

PPA-02-006-IP. Just noticeable sound differences in cars - results of psychoacoustic testing based on an ASD-system
Martner, Otto; Schirmacher, Rolf; Zerbs, Carsten; Simon, Laura

PPA-02-007-IP. Slow sinusoidal phase rotation as a carrier for embedding watermarks in audio signals
Suzuki, Yôiti; Nishimura, Ryouichi; and Sek, Aleksander

PPA-02-008-IP. Spatial psychoacoustics as the basis for innovations in the field of audio coding and processing
Jeroen Breebaart, Armin Kohlrausch, Steven van de Par

PPA-02-009-IP. Generation of quality taxonomies for auditory virtual environments by means of a systematic expert survey
Andreas Silzle

PPA-02-010-IP. Auditory scene analysis and the precedence-effect with cochlear implants-prediction from simulation
Seeber, Bernhard U.

PPA-02-011-IP. Psychoacoustic evaluation of sound absorbing road surfaces
Fastl, Hugo; Patsouras, Christine; Bayer, Stephan; Beckenbauer, Thomas

PPA-02-012-IP. Psychacoustical evaluation of traffic noise
Genuit, Klaus; Guidati, Sandro; Rossberg, Sebastian

PPA-02-013-IP. Psychoacoustic predictive modeling of traffic sound
Bisping, Rudolf

PPA-02-014-IP. Sound quality of railway noise with and without barrier – A laboratory study
Khan, Shafiquzzaman

PPA-02-015-IP. Application of vibro-acoustic and psychoacoustic protocols for the evaluation of interior noise in the aircraft cabin
Mellert, Volker; Weber, Reinhard

PPA-02-016. Development of local sound resources to introduce the concept of soundscape
Kang, Sang-Woo; Jeon, Ji-hyeon; Kook, Chan

PPA-02-017. Improvement of the working place through psychoacoustic assessment of the noise emitted by the machines
Fernandez, Marcos D.; Recuero, Manuel; Ballesteros, Jose A.; Blas, Jose M.

PPA-02-018. Evaluation of the SAFRS application to create environmental friendly acoustic environment
Jeon, Ji-hyeon; Kook, Chan; Jang, Gil-Soo

PPA-02-019. Auditory evaluation of sounds radiated from a vibrating plate inside a damped cavity: Adjustment of the computational efforts in frequency
Trollé, Arnaud; Hamzaoui, Nacer; Marquis-Favre, Catherine

PPA-02-020. Car door closure sounds: characterization of perceptual properties through analysis-synthesis approach
Bézat, Marie-Céline; Roussarie, Vincent; Voinier, Thierry; Kronland-Martinet, Richard; Ystad Sølvi

PPA-02-021. Design of product sound by blending of sound sources
Nykänen, Arne; Johansson, Örjan

PPA-02-022. Acoustic signature of hard, crispy, crackly, crunchy and snappy
Reynaud, Boris; Antille, Nicolas; Voirol-Baliguet, Elisabeth; Martin, Nathalie

PPA-02-023. Just noticeable difference of sound quality metrics of refrigerator noise
You, Jin; Jeon, Jin Yong

PPA-02-024. Evaluation of human emotions depending on variations in audio-visual landscape
Shin Yong-Gyu, Jeon Ji-Hyeon, Kook Chan, Kim Sun-Woo

PPA-02-025. A study on the degree of disturbance by meaningful and meaningless noise under the brain task
Tsujimura, Sohei; Yamada, Yukiko

PPA-02-026. Perceptual consequences of change in vocoded speech parameters for various reverberation conditions
Drgas, Szymon; Blaszak, Magdalena

PPA-02-027. An attempt to construct a quantitative scale of the cheerfulness of music implementing spectral centroid
Masashi Yamada

PPA-02-028. An efficient alternative to the paired comparison method for the subjective evaluation of a large set of sounds
Chevret, Patrick; Parizet, Etienne

PPA-02-029. Enhancing perceived sportiness of vehicles by means of sound engineering
Alfred Zeitler

PPA-02-030. Psychoacoustical indicators of acoustical comfort inside trains for background noise and emergent signals
I. Boullet; G. Rabau; S. Meunier; F. Poisson

PPA-02-031. Subjective evaluation of artifacts of various sound compressing systems
Husník, Libor; Herrera-Martinez, Marcelo