Session Organizer: Armin Kohlrausch

PPA-03-001-IP. Auditory-visual perception of room size in virtual environments
Larsson, Pontus; Väljamäe, Aleksander

PPA-03-002-IP. Effects of auditory and visual information on the perceived direction of self- motion
Shuichi Sakamoto; Yôiti Suzuki; Jiro Gyoba

PPA-03-003. Audio-Visual Integration of Biological Motion
Meyer, Georg; Crocker-Buque, Alexander, Wuerger, Sophie

PPA-03-004. Sound source localization in audiovisual productions
Muñoz, Roberto; Recuero, Manuel

PPA-03-005. Audiovisual interactions in the perception of space and time
Alais, David; Burr, David, Carlile, Simon

PPA-03-006. Synchronization between Auditory and Visual Stimuli: The Effect of Distance from Observers to an Object
Kohei Washikita; Takuya Takahashi; Masashi Yamada

PPA-03-007-IP. A systematic influence of stimulus type on audio-visual synchrony perception
Kohlrausch, Armin ; van Eijk, Rob L.J.; van de Par, Steven; Juola, James F.

PPA-03-008-IP. Auditory-visual speech perception and intermodal asynchrony
Tanaka, Akihiro; Sakamoto, Shuichi; Suzuki, Yô-iti; Tsumura, Komi

PPA-03-009. Asynchrony perception in audiovisual productions
Muñoz, Roberto; Recuero, Manuel; San Martín, Gonzalo; Fuenzalida, Francisco

PPA-03-010-IP. Mid-level, feature based processing for audio-visual temporal synchrony perception
Fujisaki, Waka; Nishida, Shin’ya

PPA-03-011-IP. Audio-visual interactions in dynamic scenes: implications for multisensory compression
Väljamäe, Aleksander; Soto-Faraco, Salvador

PPA-03-012-IP. Ambiguity solving in visual event perception by auditory signals
Watanabe, Katsumi

PPA-03-013-IP. Subjective congruence between motion picture and sound
Iwamiya, Shin-ichiro

PPA-03-014. Multimodal approach of vibro-acoustic comfort in vehicles: Influence of visual context
Amari, Maël; Parizet, Etienne; Roussarie, Vincent

PPA-03-015. Crossmodal binding: evaluating the ‘unity assumption’ using complex audiovisual stimuli
Vatakis, Argiro; Spence, Charles