Session Organizer: Jonas Braasch

PPA-05-001-IP. Modeling the precedence effect for percussive sounds with different attack transients
Jonas Braasch, Hari V. Savitala, Jens Blauert

PPA-05-002-IP. Spatial effects on speech intelligibility
Colburn, H. Steven; Carr, Suzanne; Wan, Rui

PPA-05-003-IP. A model of the head-related transfer function based on spectral cues
Iida, Kazuhiro; Itoh, Motokuni; Itagaki, Atsue; Morimoto, Masayuki

PPA-05-004-IP. A closer look at the representation of interaural differences in a binaural model
Nicolas Le Goff; Armin Kohlrausch; Jeroen Breebaart

PPA-05-005-IP. The duplex-theory of localization investigated under natural conditions
Seeber, Bernhard U.

PPA-05-006-IP. Lead-lag precedence paradigm as a function of relative level and number of lag stimuli
Yost, William A.

PPA-05-007. Perceptual movement of sounds fed through multiway loudspeakers set up perpendicularly
Agatsuma, Yu; Miyasaka, Eiichi

PPA-05-008. Perceptual distances from sound sourses in the case of wearing hearing aids in a live sound space
Arai, Yasuhiko; Murashita, Shota

PPA-05-009. Computational Count-comparison models for ITD and ILD decoding
Pulkki, Ville; Hirvonen, Toni

PPA-05-010. A comparison of detection and lateralization of interaurally time-delayed signals in the presence of diotic masking noise
Van de Par, Steven; Kohlrausch, Armin; Schimmel, Othmar

PPA-05-011. Comodulation masking release and interaural phases differences
Verhey, Jesko L.; Epp, Bastian

PPA-05-012. Binaural sound localisation by level distributions
Heavens, David; Pearce, Tim

PPA-05-013. Sound localization with scaled dummy-heads on a TeleHead
Tatsuya Hirahara; Hiroyuki Sagara; Makoto Otani

PPA-05-014. Experiments on the utilization of space as a musical language resource
Miralles Bono, José Luis; Payri, Blas; Redondo, Javier; Picó Rubén

PPA-05-015. Perceptual evaluation of HRTF notches versus peaks for vertical localisation
Greff, Raphaël; Katz, Brian F.G.

PPA-05-016. Lateralization of amplitude-modulated bone-conducted ultrasounds: discrimination of interaural time and intensity differences and time-intensity trading
Hotehama, Takuya; Nakagawa, Seiji

PPA-05-017. Numerical study on source distance dependency of head-related transfer functions
Otani, Makoto; Hirahara, Tatsuya