Session Organizers: Michael Vorländer; Brian Katz

PPA-06-001-IP. Implementation and evaluation of a measurement procedure for the acoustical transfer impedance of ear simulators
Fedtke, Thomas

PPA-06-002-IP. Ear Canal Impedances of Children and Adults - Investigations with Simulation and Measurements
Fels, Janina; Paprotny, Jan; Feickert, Lars

PPA-06-003-IP. The sound field in an ear canal occluded by a hearing aid
Stinson, Michael R.; Daigle, Gilles A.

PPA-06-004-IP. Manikin for assessment of Mp3 player exposure
Hammershøi, Dorte

PPA-06-005-IP. A fast measurement system for the listener's own head-related impulse responses
Fukudome, Kimitoshi; Takenouchi Kazuki; Kashida Masato; Samejima Toshiya; Ono, Naoki

PPA-06-006-IP. Simulating distance cues in virtual reverberant environments
Norbert Kopco, Scott Santarelli, Virginia Best, and Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

PPA-06-007-IP. High fidelity modeling and experimental evaluation of ninaural none conduction communication devices
Walker, B. N.; Stanley, R. M.; Przekwas, A.; Tan, X.G.; Chen, Z.J.; Yang, H.W.
Wilkerson, P.; Harrand, V.; Chancey, C.; Houtsma, A.J.M.

PPA-06-008-IP. Applications of binaural processing to automatic spech recognition
Richard M. Stern, Evandro Gouvea, Hyung-Min Park, Govindarajan Thattai

PPA-06-009-IP. Round robin comparison of HRTF measurement systems: Preliminary results
Katz, Brian F.G.; Begault, Durand R.

PPA-06-010-IP. Do we need new artificial heads?
Genuit, Klaus, Fiebig, André

PPA-06-011. Development of selectable viewpoint and listening point system for musical performance
Kenta Niwa; Takanori Nishino; Kazuya Takeda