Session Organizer: Enrique López-Poveda

PPA-07-001. Fluid motion in the Organ of Corti
Baumgart, Johannes; Grundmann, Roger

PPA-07-002. Simulating cochlear frequency selectivity: the TRNL filter
López-Nájera, Alberto; Meddis, Ray; López-Poveda Enrique Alejandro

PPA-07-003-IP. A computational auditory model with a nonlinear cochlea and acoustic scale normalization
Irino, Toshio; Walters, Tom C.; Patterson, Roy D.

PPA-07-004-IP. Computational modelling of the cat auditory periphery: recent developments and future directions
Bruce, Ian C.; Zilany, Muhammad S. A.

PPA-07-005-IP. Computational models of brainstem neurons
Colburn, H. Steven; Zhou, Yi; Brughera, Andrew; Chung, Yoojin

PPA-07-006-IP. The representation of high-frequency spectral notches in the peripheral auditory system: a computational model study
Lopez-Poveda, Enrique A.; Alves-Pinto, Ana; Palmer, Alan R.; Eustaquio-Martín, A.

PPA-07-007-IP. Absolute sensory threshold: a mathematical model
Lecluyse, Wendy; Meddis, Ray

PPA-07-008-IP. The temporal window model and the linearity of temporal summation
Plack, Christopher J.

PPA-07-009-IP. Modeling spectral and temporal masking in the human auditory system
Dau, Torsten; Jepsen, Morten L.; Ewert, Stephan D.

PPA-07-010-IP. Quantifying pitch perception: Models and mysteries
Oxenham, Andrew J.; Micheyl, C.; Bernstein, Joshua G.; Simonson, Andrea M.

PPA-07-011-IP. The robustness of bio-acoustic communication and the role of normalization
Patterson, Roy D.; van Dinther, Ralph; Irino, Toshio

PPA-07-012-IP. Models of timbre using spectro-temporal receptive fields: investigations of coding strategies
Pressnitzer, Daniel; Elhilali, Mounya; Shihab Shamma

PPA-07-013-IP. Sparse time-frequency representations in auditory processing
Denham, Susan; Coath, Martin; Balaguer-Ballester, Emili

PPA-07-014. Auditory processing of spectral modulations produced by early reflections
Buchholz, Jörg Matthias

PPA-07-015. Evaluation of Interaural Time and Intensity Differences: A Neural Model
Bures, Zbynek

PPA-07-016. Processing capacity for perceptual information in Gaussian noise tokens
Tom Goossens, Steven van de Par, Armin Kohlrausch

PPA-07-017-IP. A cortical view on auditory scene analysis: a physiological & computational approach
Elhilali, Mounya; Shamma, Shihab

PPA-07-018. Comparative evaluation of successive cochlear modeling stages as possible front- ends for automatic speech recognition
Harczos, Tamás; Nogueira, Waldo; Szepannek, Gero; and Klefenz, Frank