Session Organizers: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham; Gin Best

PPA-08-001-IP. The plastic ear: Coping with a life time of change
Simon Carlile, Toby Blackman and Joel Cooper

PPA-08-002-IP. Challenges in the auditory display of distance information
Zahorik, Pavel

PPA-08-003-IP. Divided listening in auditory displays
Best, Virginia; Ihlefeld, Antje; Mason, Christine; Kidd, Gerald Jr; Shinn- Cunningham, Barbara

PPA-08-004-IP. Modelling processes underlying change deafness
Martin, Russell; McAnally, Ken; Eramudugolla, Ranmalee; Irvine, Dexter; Mattingley, Jason

PPA-08-005-IP. Maximizing information transfer in auditory speech displays
Brungart, Douglas S.; Simpson, Brian D., Iyer, Nandini

PPA-08-006-IP. Auditory information, hearing loss and hearing aids
Naylor, Graham

PPA-08-007-IP. Impact of hearing impairment and hearing aids on benefits due to binaural hearing
Kalluri, Sridhar; Edwards, Brent

PPA-08-008-IP. Displaying auditory information in cochlear implants: Insights from simulations in normal hearing
Oxenham, Andrew J.; Simonson, Andrea M.

PPA-08-009-IP. Auditory streaming in data sonification
Barrass, Stephen

PPA-08-010. Effects of auditory context on the identification of environmental sounds
Gygi, Brian; Shafiro, Valeriy

PPA-08-011. Virtual audio reproduced in a headrest
M.Jones, S.J.Elliott, T.Takeuchi, J.Beer

PPA-08-012. On the improvement of virtual localization in vertical directions using HRTF synthesis and additional filtering
Wersényi, György