PPA-09-001. Psychosocial variables in a hearing conservation programm addresed to the young
Biassoni, Ester C.; Serra, Mario R.; Bie, Zulema; Layum, Yamila; Díaz, Mildred; Almada, Natalia; Joekes, Silvia; Yacci, María R.

PPA-09-002. Acoustic impedances of ear canals measured by impedance tube
Ciric, Dejan; Hammershøi, Dorte

PPA-09-003. Bad vibes: an investigation into the worst sounds in the world
Cox, Trevor J.

PPA-09-004. Prelimnary analysis of community response to road traffic noise in Moroccan cities
M.Garoum, W.Kharbaoui, A.Bahoussa, M.Rhachi, A.Moreno

PPA-09-005. Effect of binaural dichotic presentation with critical bandwidth based comb filters on source localization
Kulkarni, Pandurangarao N.; Pandey, Prem C.

PPA-09-006. Modulation masking for maskers of different statistical and spectral properties
Kutzner, Dariusz Jan

PPA-09-007. Defining the limits of tuning for tones with and without vibrato
van Besouw, Rachel; Brereton, Jude; Howard, David

PPA-09-008. Non-occupational noise exposure in the young: Development of a hearing conservation programm
Serra, Mario R.; Biassoni, Ester C.; Pavlik, Marta; Pérez Villalobo, Jorge; Curet, Carlos; Hinalaf, María; Joekes, Silvia; Yacci, María R.; Minoldo, Gloria; Abraham, Silvia

PPA-09-009. Cochlear nonlinearity and transient evoked otoacoustic emission latency
Sisto, Renata; Moleti, Arturo; Tirabasso, Angelo

PPA-09-010. Judging sex and age: Effect of glottal-pulse rate, vocal-tract length and original talker
Smith, David R. R.; Walters, Thomas C.; Patterson, Roy D.

PPA-09-011. Individual differences of electroencephalogram under sound stimuli
Yamada Yukiko, Tsujimura Sohei

PPA-09-012. Auditory evoked magnetic fields and loudness in relation to bandpass noises
Yoshiharu Soeta; Seiji Nakagawa

PPA-09-013. Quantitative evaluation on subjective impression of sonority of chords containing tension notes
Inoue, Hiroki; Emura, Norio; Miura, Masanobu; Yanagida, Masuzo

PPA-09-014. Perception of bone-conducted ultrasound assessed by its loudness characteristics
Ito, Kazuhito; Nakagawa, Seiji

PPA-09-015. Effects of mood on musical preference: Experiments and research on everyday listening to music
Junko, Matsumoto

PPA-09-016. The nonlinear component 2f1-f2 and the pitch of two-component complexes
Mielczarek, Adam

PPA-09-017. Assessments of bone-conducted ultrasonic hearing-aid (BCUHA): frequency-discrimination, articulation and intelligibility tests
Seiji Nakagawa, Yosuke Okamoto, Kiyoshi Fujimoto