Session Organizer: Murray Hodgson

RBA-01-001-IP. Sustainable building approach in Spain: Present and future
Serra, Javier

RBA-01-002-IP. Acoustics and the UK’s approach: Towards sustainable acoustics
Rogers, Peter

RBA-01-003. Sustainability, acoustics and green building rating systems; or: How to not get locked out of sustainable design
Kurtz, Alexis

RBA-01-004-IP. Acoustic design for green buildings
Roy, Kenneth, Snader, Anita

RBA-01-005-IP. Analysis of the sustainability performance of various residential building designs with similar acoustic characteristics
Yu, Chia Jen; Kang, Jian

RBA-01-006-IP. Acoustical evaluation of six ‘green’ office buildings
Hodgson, Murray; Hyde, Rosamund; Fulton, Blair; Taylor-Hell, Catherine

RBA-01-007-IP. Field measurement of the acoustical performance of green roofs
Connelly, Maureen; Khaleghi, Alireza; Hodgson, Murray

RBA-01-008-IP. Green and sustainable materials for noise control
Asdrubali, Francesco

RBA-01-009-IP. An experimental investigation of the potential of biomass materials as porous sound absorbers
RD Cookson, DJ Oldham, CA Egan, G Seiffert

RBA-01-010-IP. Vibro-acoustic properties of porous media from recycled granulates
Khan, Horoshenkov, Benkreira, Patel

RBA-01-011-IP. The development of techniques for assessing the combined acoustic and airflow performance of natural ventilation strategies
D. J. Oldham, M. H. de Salis, S. Sharples

RBA-01-012-IP. Relationship between ventilation, air quality and acoustics in ‘green’ and ‘brown’ buildings
Khaleghi, Alireza; Bartlett, Karen; Hodgson, Murray

RBA-01-013-IP. Improving the acoustical performance of a green office building
Max Richter; Zohreh Razavi; Catherine Taylor-Hell; Murray Hodgson; Alireza Khaleghi

RBA-01-014. Sound reduction of vacuum insulation based on buidling panels
Hans Cauberg; Martin Tenpierik

RBA-01-015. Pilot project about the implementation of acoustics improvements for fulfilling the CTE in subsidized dwellings in Spain
Fuente, Marta; Fernández, Fernando; Herranz, Karmele

RBA-01-016. Inverse estimation of non acoustical parameters of absorbing materials using genetic algorithms
M. Garoum, M. Tajayouti, M. Rhachi, F. Simón, A. Moreno

RBA-01-017. Acoubat-dBMat: The importance of acoustic modelling of buildings in the “Codigo Tecnico de la Edificacion” regulatory framework
Portas, Iván

RBA-01-018. Absorption of open ceilings
Vercammen, Martijn, Scheers, Theo

RBA-01-019. Prediction of internal acoustic conditions in shopping centres
Calejo Rodrigues, Rui; Silva, Eduarda; Ferreira, Tiago

RBA-01-020. The acoustical potential of reed panels for partitions in sustainable construction
Jiménez; Montaña; Díaz, César; Oldham, David; Fernández-Cabo, José; Pedrero, Antonio; Torres, Luis