Session Organizers: Louis Sutherland; David Lubman

RBA-04-001-IP. Classroom acoustics for the 21st century
Lubman, David; Sutherland, Louis C.

RBA-04-002-IP. Ranch study - Implications for clasroom acoustics
Stansfeld, Stephen; Clark, Charlotte

RBA-04-003-IP. "Modern teaching" needs modern conditions - room acoustics as an ergonomic factor
Oberdörster, Markus; Tiesler, Gerhart

RBA-04-004-IP. Noise - a stressor? Acoustic ergonomics of schools
Tiesler, Gerhart; Oberdörster, Markus

RBA-04-005-IP. Measurement of teacher’s voice levels in primary school classrooms
Shield, Bridget, Anne Carey

RBA-04-006-IP. Classroom acoustics - reverberation and the cafe effect... is the lombard effect the key?
Whitlock, James A. T.; Dodd, George

RBA-04-007-IP. Localizing the teacher in the virtual classroom
Rychtáriková, Monika, Fels, Janina, Vermeir, Gerrit, Wouters Jan, Vorländer Michael

RBA-04-008-IP. Minimal classroom requirements for optimal acoustic access to speech by children with and without hearing loss
Iglehart, Frank

RBA-04-009-IP. Extreme acoustics in extreme learning conditions: An open plan hospital school
Greenland, Emma; Shield, Bridget

RBA-04-010-IP. Ceiling baffles and reflectors for controlling lecture-room sound for speech intelligibility
Hodgson, Murray; Yang, Wonyoung

RBA-04-011. Effects of sound diffusers and panel absorbers on the sound clarity in classrooms
Sang-bong Shin; Chan-hoon Haan

RBA-04-012. Optimal reverberation time for speech intelligibility for normal and hearing- impaired listeners using auralization
Yang, Wonyoung; Hodgson, Murray

RBA-04-013. A study of improving speech intelligibility in classrooms
Han, Ning; Mak, Cheuk Ming; Qiu, Xiaojun

RBA-04-014. Speech Intelligibility in a refurbished classroom
Lisa, Martin; Nickel, Jürgen; Becker, Bernhard