Session Organizers: Paul Calamia; Peter Svensson

RBA-05-001-IP. Acoustical Modeling with Sonel Mapping
Kapralos, Bill; Jenkin, Michael; Milios, Evangelos

RBA-05-002-IP. Simulation, visualization, and virtual reality based modeling of room acoustics
Deines, Eduard; Michel, Frank; Hering-Bertram, Martin; Mohring, Jan; Hagen, Hans

RBA-05-003-IP. Hybrid method for room acoustic simulation in real-time
Schröder, Dirk; Vorländer, Michael

RBA-05-004-IP. An improved energetic approach to diffraction based on the uncertainty principle
Stephenson, Uwe M.; Svensson, U. Peter

RBA-05-005-IP. Extending geometrical acoustics to highly detailed architectural environments
Tsingos, Nicolas; Lefebvre, Sylvain; Dachsbacher, Carsten; Dellepiane, Matteo

RBA-05-006-IP. Investigation on higher orders of spherical harmonics equations for efficient room-acoustic predictions
Jing, Yun; Xiang, Ning

RBA-05-007-IP. Computation of reverberation time in large atrium spaces
Yap, Pau Ling; Meng, Yan; Kang, Jian

RBA-05-008-IP. Acoustic radiance transfer method
Siltanen, Samuel; Lokki, Tapio; Savioja, Lauri

RBA-05-009-IP. Applications of large-scale finite element sound field analysis onto room acoustics
Otsuru, Toru; Okamoto, Noriko; Okuzono, Takeshi; Sueyoshi, Toshihide

RBA-05-010-IP. Steady-state and time-decaying sound fields in enclosures using energy- intensity boundary elements with time delay analysis and absorption scaling
Bliss, Donald; Franzoni, Linda; Michalis, Krista

RBA-05-011-IP. Treatment of absorbing boundary condition for FDTD analysis on room acoustics
Shinichi Sakamoto; Hiroshi Nagatomo; Takumi Asakura

RBA-05-012. High frequency acoustic simulations via FMM accelerated BEM
Gumerov, Nail A.; Duraiswami, Ramani

RBA-05-013-IP. A prediction software interface for room acoustic optimization
Dalenbäck, Bengt-Inge; Svensson, U. Peter

RBA-05-014-IP. Efficient representation of edge diffraction impulse responses
Pulkki, Ville; Svensson, U. Peter; Paatero, Tuomas

RBA-05-015-IP. Evaluating the perceptual accuracy of model-based auralization
Summers, Jason E.; Gaumond, Charles F.; Baer, Ralph N.; Brock, Derek

RBA-05-016. Introduction and applications of phased beam tracing method: Can we interpret low frequency response by the particle property?
Jeong, Cheol-Ho; Ih, Jeong-Guon

RBA-05-017-IP. Diffusion-based models for predicting sound fields in rooms with mixed specular and diffuse reflections
Foy, Cédric; Billon, Alexis; Picaut, Judicaël; Valeau, Vincent; Sakout, Anas; Hodgson, Murray

RBA-05-018-IP. Improved methods for calculating room impulse responses with ease 4.2 AURA
Feistel, Stefan; Ahnert, Wolfgang; Miron, Alex; Schmitz, Oliver

RBA-05-019. A stable time domain BEM for diffuser scattering
Hargreaves, Jonathan A.; Cox, Trevor J.

RBA-05-020. Prediction of sound pressure and intensity fields in rooms and near surfaces by ray tracing
Cousins, Owen; Hodgson, Murray; Valeau, Vincent

RBA-05-021. Implementation and comparison of room acoustical simulation methods and an auralisation tool
de Avelar Gomes, Márcio H.

RBA-05-022. Calculation of the temporal evolution of sound pressure levels in rooms
Cazard, Guillaume; Senat, Claude; Gamba, René

RBA-05-023. Acoustic model of the pre-Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Melque
Díaz, César; Pedrero, Antonio; Navacerrada, Mª Ángeles

RBA-05-024. Generating room shapes using elliptic Fourier descriptors for geometrical acoustic simulation
Hoshi, Kazuma; Toshiki, Hanyu; Sekiguchi, Katsuaki