Session Organizers: Takayuki Hidaka; Higini Arau

RBA-06-001-IP. Concert hall acoustics 2001-2007- Part 1
Beranek, Leo L.

RBA-06-002-IP. Concert hall acoustics 2001-2007- Part 2
Beranek, Leo L.

RBA-06-003-IP. Acoustical demands for the conductor’s location
Meyer, Jürgen

RBA-06-004-IP. Auditory quality of performance spaces for music - the problem of the references -
Blauert, Jens; Jekosch, Ute

RBA-06-005-IP. Concert hall acoustics: Science versus reality
Commins, Daniel

RBA-06-006-IP. When is a concert hall too quiet?
Barron, Mike

RBA-06-007-IP. The acoustic design of the Molina de Segura theater-auditoria
Higini Arau-Puchades

RBA-06-008-IP. Concert acoustics criteria in the Frauenkirche Dresden
Ahnert,W.; Feistel,S.; Vorländer, M.

RBA-06-009-IP. Sound source for the measurement of room impulse responses for auralisation
Behler, Gottfried, K.

RBA-06-010-IP. Computation and applications of directional echograms in room and concert hall acoustics
Embrechts, Jean-Jacques

RBA-06-011-IP. New method for auralizing the results of room acoustics simulations
Rizzi, Lorenzo; Farina, Angelo; Galaverna, Paolo; Martignon, Paolo; Conti, Lorenzo; Rosati, Andrea

RBA-06-012-IP. Coloration due to reflections, further investigations
Halmrast, Tor

RBA-06-013-IP. Reverberation time, mean free path and sound absorption in concert halls
Hidaka Takayuki, Nishihara Noriko

RBA-06-014-IP. The modelling of frequency dependent boundary conditions In FDTD simulation of concert hall acoustics
Jeong, Hyok; Drumm, Ian; Horner, Brian; Lam, Yiu Wai

RBA-06-015-IP. Shoebox concert halls for the 21st Century
Orlowski, Raf

RBA-06-016-IP. The concert hall acoustic design of the Beijing National Grand Theatre of China
Schmich, Isabelle; Vian, Jean-Paul

RBA-06-017-IP. Effects of directivity of a sound source on speech intelligibility in the sound field
Daiji, Takahashi; Saori, Kuroki

RBA-06-018-IP. Acoustical design of New Concert Hall in Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg
Toyota, Yasuhisa; Oguchi, Keiji; Motoo, Komoda

RBA-06-019-IP. Transparent concert hall acoustics
Van Luxemburg, Renz; Hak, C.C.J.M.; Kok, B.H.M.; Van den Braak, E.

RBA-06-020-IP. Assessment of the uncertainty in room acoustical measurements
McIngo B. Witew; Pascal Dietrich

RBA-06-021-IP. Bayesian analysis in characterizing sound energy decay: A quantitative theory of inference in room acoustics
Xiang, Ning; Goggans, Paul M.; Jasa, Tomislav

RBA-06-022-IP. Acoustical aspects of the Sagrada Familia Church
Yoshikawa, Shigeru; Narita, Takafumi; Nishimoto, Yasuko

RBA-06-023. Two new solutions for adjustable acoustics in multi purpose concert halls
Agren, Anders

RBA-06-024. The interpretation of objective measurements on the stage by means of the correlation with subjective data
Astolfi, Arianna; Giovannini, Maria; Barbato, Giulio; Filippi, Marco

RBA-06-025. "Le Grand Théâtre de Provence": the Aix-en-Provence opera house acoustics
Commins, Daniel

RBA-06-026. Early subjective and objective studies of concert hall stage conditions for orchestral performance
Dammerud, Jens Jørgen, Barron, Mike

RBA-06-027. The subjective investigation of acoustic perception of musicians: a proposed method for interpretation of results
Genta, Gianfranco; Giovannini, Maria; Astolfi, Arianna; Barbato, Giulio

RBA-06-028. Acoustical evaluation of different acoustic conditions in the Queen’s Hall – The Royal Library, Copenhagen
Giovannini, Maria, Gade Anders Christian

RBA-06-029. Evaluation of stage acoustics in concert halls by investigating performer’s preference
Kim, Yong Hee; Seo, Chun Ki; Jeon, Jin Yong

RBA-06-030. Qualitative analysis of under-balcony acoustics in concert halls with multiple directional sources
Kwon, Youngmin; Siebein, Gary; Gold, Martin

RBA-06-031. Acoustics of the Mira Teatro of Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
Ottobre, Daniel; Recuero, Manuel

RBA-06-032. Sound transmission between musicians in a symphony orchestra on a concert hall stage
Skålevik, Magne

RBA-06-033. Information transfer in auditoria
Summers, Jason E.

RBA-06-034. 1/16 scale model experiment for room acoustics: Physical properties and auralized sound quality
Tahara, Yasuhiko; Shimoda, Hidemaro

RBA-06-035. A basic study on stage acoustics for an orchestra conductor to estimate acoustic condition of audience area
Tokunaga, Yasunobu; Terashima, Takane

RBA-06-036. Study on non-linear system model of orchestra performance in auditorium
Terashima, Takane; Tokunaga, Yasunobu

RBA-06-037. Research on ceiling of acoustics in concert hall
Tu Mingchiu

RBA-06-038-IP. Our experience on the subjective perception in concert halls
A. Giménez; R. Cibrián; J. Romero, S. Cerda, J.L. Miralles; J. Segura

RBA-06-039. Auditory evaluation of impulse response reconstructed by correlation factor
Toru, Itakura; Hideo, Shibayama