Session Organizer: Patrizio Fausti

RBA-07-001-IP. Measurement uncertainty of sound insulation and sound absorption
Izewska, Anna; Czyzewski, Kazimierz

RBA-07-002. Uncertainties investigation in field measurements of sound insulation
Nascimento, Ranny; Ferreira, Daiana; Nabuco, Marco

RBA-07-003. Uncertainty evaluation for airborne noise acoustic insulation measurements
Castillo Cid, Javier; Sobreira Seoane, Manuel A.

RBA-07-004-IP. Sound insulation of plasterboard frame walls based on the surface velocity level measurements
Nurzynski, Jacek

RBA-07-005-IP. Laboratory measurements of the flanking transmission for brick wall junctions
Barbaresi, Luca; Semprini, Giovanni

RBA-07-006-IP. A methodology to measure the acoustic performance of access floors
Asdrubali, Francesco; D’Alessandro, Francesco

RBA-07-007-IP. Evaluation of compressibility and compressive behaviour of resilient materials used in floating floors according to standard en 12431
Schiavi, Alessandro; Alasia, Franco; Pavoni Belli, Andrea; Russo, Francesco; Corallo, Mario

RBA-07-008. On the dynamic stiffness of materials used under floating floors: Analysis of the resonant frequency dependence by excitation force amplitude using different measurement techniques
F. Bettarello, P. Fausti, A. Schiavi

RBA-07-009-IP. Validation of a simulation program for predicting impact noise insulation of floating floors and a new method to determine the elastic properties of resilient interlayers
Geebelen, Nathalie; Boeckx, Laurens; Vermeir, Gerrit; Lauriks, Walter

RBA-07-010-IP. Measuring spatial impulse responses in concert halls and opera houses employing a spherical microphone array
Angelo, Farina; Andrea, Capra; Lorenzo, Conti; Paolo, Martignon; Filippo Fazi

RBA-07-011. On the use of a non-environmental control room as a 5.1 surround listening room
Torres-Guijarro, Soledad; Pena, Antonio; Sobreira-Seoane, Manuel A.

RBA-07-012. MP3 stimuli in room acoustics
Hak, C.C.J.M; Vertegaal, J.S.

RBA-07-013. Blind estimation of clarity, centre time and deutlichkeit from speech and music signals
Kendrick, Paul; Cox, Trevor J. ; Li, Francis, F.; Zhang, Yonggang; Chambers Jonathon

RBA-07-014. The auditoriums of the Polytechnic University of Valencia like pilot halls to establish the protocol and measures in a coordinated project
Lacatis, Radu George; Giménez Pérez, Alicia; Romero Faus, José; Cerdá Jordá, Salvador; Navasquillo Hervás, Barba Sevillano, Arturo

RBA-07-015. Accurate estimation of reverberation parameters with natural sound source stimuli
Li, Francis; Cox, Trevor; Kendrick, Paul; Zhang, Yonggang; Chambers, Jonathon

RBA-07-016. Acceptable temperature changes during synchronous averaging for reverberation time measuring by Swept-Sine method
Satoh, Fumiaki; Sano, Masato; Hayashi, Yukiteru; Sakamoto, Shinichi; Tachibana, Hideki

RBA-07-017. Continuous reverberation time estimation applied to obtain normalized sound level differences
Undurraga L., Jaime; Venegas C., Rodolfo

RBA-07-018. Speech Intelligibility Measurements in a Non-Diffuse Space using Open and Closed loop systems
Gomez, Louis; Nestoras, Christos; Dance, Stephen; Murano, Sal

RBA-07-019. Speech intelligibility measurements in a diffuse space using open and closed loop systems
Nestoras, Christos; Gomez, Louis; Dance, Stephen; Murano, Sal

RBA-07-020. Comparison of influence of distortion in MLS and sine sweep technique
Ciric, Dejan

RBA-07-021. Effect of stimulus speed error on measured room acoustic parameters
Hak, Constant; Hak, Jan

RBA-07-022. Diffuse sound absorption coefficient determination from in situ specific boundary impedance measurements by the sound intensity technique
Rolón, Sebastián; Montoya, Adrián; Pesse, Ricardo

RBA-07-023-IP. Measuring methods for the acoustical characterization of churches
Carbonari Antonio; Cirillo Ettore; Martellotta Francesco; Ricciardi Paola

RBA-07-024. Evaluation of objective and subjective acoustic parameters of the Cathedral in Santiago, Chile
Nicolás Bravo, Felipe Contreras, María José Marsano

RBA-07-025. On the spatial variation of acoustical parameters in churches
Cirillo Ettore, Martellotta Francesco

RBA-07-026. Acoustic characteristics of Churches of the Altiplano Andino, Influence of the Spanish architecture
Villegas, Jorge, Recuero, Manuel

RBA-07-027-IP. Dutch practical guideline NPR 3438 - Ergonomics - noise at the workplace
Geerligs, Ruud; Svensson, Carsten

RBA-07-028. The effect of sound field characteristics on the measurement of heavy-weight impact sounds
Seung Yup Yoo; Sin Young Lee; Jin Yong Jeon

RBA-07-029-IP. Airborne sound transmission, ISO 140 and influence of ISO 717-1 spectrum adaptation terms
Smith, Sean; Macdonald, Russel; Lurcock, Daniel; Mackenzie, Robin

RBA-07-030-IP. Inter-comparison of laboratory measurements of dynamic stiffness
P. Fausti, F. Bettarello

RBA-07-031-IP. Influence of not-linearity in the uncertainty on room acoustics measurements
Tronchin, Lamberto; Durvilli, Ilaria; Tarabusi, Valerio

RBA-07-032. Propagation speed and absorption coefficient characteristics of airborne ultrasonic wave in porous materials
Aoki, Kenichi; Kamakura, Tomoo

RBA-07-033-IP. Laboratory evaluation of airborne sound insulation of lightweight Wooden Roofs
Di Bella, Antonino

RBA-07-034. Uncertainties in building acoustic single number quantities. How apply uncertainty calculation in the scope of the Portuguese regulation
Sónia Monteiro Antunes