Session Organizer: Martijn Vercammen

RBA-09-001-IP. Acoustical performance of clamped and perforated poroelastic plates
Attenborough, Keith; Aygun, Haydar

RBA-09-002-IP. Frequency dependency and anisotropy of the elastic constants of (non-)porous materials and their influence on the usage in building acoustical applications.
Boeckx,Laurens; Descheemaeker, Jan; Nathalie, Geebelen; Khurana, Poonam; Vermeir, Gerrit; Desmet, Wim; Lauriks, Walter

RBA-09-003. Acoustical and physical characterisation of a new porous absorbing plaster
Pompoli, Francesco; Bonfiglio, Paolo

RBA-09-004-IP. Resilient ceiling construction in residential buildings
Nash, Anthony

RBA-09-005-IP. Acoustical and mechanical characterization of an innovative expanded sintered elasticized polystyrene (EPS-E) used as underlayer in floating floors
Schiavi, Alessandro; Pavoni Belli, Andrea; Russo, Francesco; Corallo, Mario

RBA-09-006-IP. Hollow brick work with high internal losses
Schneider, Martin; Fischer, Heinz-Martin

RBA-09-007-IP. In-situ evaluation of sound insulation using transfer function measurements
Venegas C., Rodolfo; Undurraga L., Jaime

RBA-09-008. Validation of a difference potential based active noise control system
Hyun Lim; Sergei V. Utyuzhnikov; Yiu W. Lam; Mark R. Avis; Ali Turan

RBA-09-009. Product standards – measuring standards – prediction standards
Reis, Frigyes

RBA-09-010. The use of sintered aluminium for acoustic comfort in fibreless, humid, corrosive or clean environments
Wouter Rottiers

RBA-09-011-IP. Bottom-up approach for microstructure optimization of sound absorbing materials
Perrot, Camille; Chevillotte, Fabien; Panneton, Raymond; Olny, Xavier

RBA-09-012-IP. Variations of floor impact sound insulation performance for heavy-weight impact source according to the types of resilient layer in apartment house
Kim, Sun; Lee, Sang-Hoon

RBA-09-013. Influence of thickness and structural parameters on sound absorption coefficients of porous materials
Mirowska, Marianna; CzySewski, Kazimierz