Session Organizers: Lily Wang, Jonathan Rathsam

RBA-11-001-IP. Low Frequency Limits of Reflector Arrays
Skålevik, Magne

RBA-11-002-IP. Scattered responses from suspended reflector panels with rounded edges
Rathsam, Jonathan; Wang, Lily M.

RBA-11-003-IP. Culling insignificant diffraction components for interactive acoustic simulations
Calamia, Paul T.; Svensson, U. Peter

RBA-11-004-IP. Subjective evaluations of sound diffusion using a scale model hall
Jeon, Jin Yong; Ryu, Jong Kwan

RBA-11-005-IP. Lüke and Power Residue Sequence Diffusers
Dadiotis, Konstantinos; Cox, Trevor J.; Angus, James A. S.

RBA-11-006-IP. Investigating the Scattering Behavior of Incident Plane Waves using BEM
Bansal, Mahesh; Feistel, Stefan; Ahnert, Wolfgang; Bock, Steffen

RBA-11-007-IP. Room acoustics: Compact representation for multi-source binaural playback
Duraiswami, Ramani; Zotkin, Dmitry N.; Gumerov, Nail A.

RBA-11-008. Objective evaluations of sound scattering by using scale models and computer simulation
Shin-ichi Sato; Yong Hee Kim; Hye Mi Lee; Jin Yong Jeon

RBA-11-009. Sound absorption measurement using MLS method. How much is the final result affected by the non-linearities of the measurement chain?
Guidorzi, Paolo; Garai, Massimo

RBA-11-010. Study of scattering panel pairs in a virtually anechoic environment
Rizzi, Lorenzo; Farina, Angelo; Galaverna, Paolo; Martignon, Paolo; Conti, Lorenzo; Rosati, Andrea

RBA-11-011. Scattering and absorption of an oblique incident plane wave by a finite impedance strip
Sum, K. S.; Pan, J.