Session Organizers: Michel Villot; Barry Gibbs

RBA-14-001-IP. Attenuation and flanking transmission in lightweight structures
Brunskog, Jonas; Lhomond, Alice; Ohlrich, Mogens

RBA-14-002-IP. Prediction of re-radiated noise from structure born vibrtion due to railway
Coquel, Guillaume; Villot, Michel, Jean, Philippe, Duée, Raphaël

RBA-14-003-IP. Experimental study of the activity and mobility of structure-borne sound sources by a reception plate method
Gibbs, Barry

RBA-14-004-IP. Sound absorption in rooms at low frequencies: Room content as obstacles and absorbers
Gustavo da S. V. de Melo, Samir N. Y. Gerges, Barry M. Gibbs

RBA-14-005-IP. Model of a person walking as a structure borne sound source
Matthias Lievens; Jonas Brunskog

RBA-14-006-IP. On the use of a single equivalent receiver mobility in lightweight buildings
Mayr, Andreas R.; Gibbs, Barry

RBA-14-007-IP. Direct and indirect methods to assess the structure-borne power transmission into receiving structures
Scheck, Jochen; Heinz-Martin Fischer; Gibbs, Barry

RBA-14-008-IP. Structure borne sound of washing machines calculated with PREN 12354-5
Simmons, Christian

RBA-14-009-IP. Testing floor coverings mounted on lightweight floors using IS0/FDIS 140-11
Villot, Michel; Chene, Jean-Baptiste ; Houssain, Simon

RBA-14-010-IP. Sound transmission through pipe systems and into plate structures in buildings - a simplified SEA model
Bron-van der Jagt, Susanne

RBA-14-011-IP. A comprehensive analytical model for prediction of low frequency impact sound transmission in dwellings
Neves e Sousa, Albano; Gibbs, Barry

RBA-14-012. Characterisation of a structure-borne sound source using independent and in-situ measurement
Elliott, Andrew; Moorhouse, Andy; Pavic, Goran

RBA-14-013. Floor impact sound insulation and vibration using standard heavy and soft impact sources in the wood-framed model building for experiments
Hiramitsu, Atsuo; Tsujimura, Yukio; Houno, Hirotsugu; Murakami, Tomonori

RBA-14-014. How to improve impact sound insulation in a lightweight module based system
Ljunggren, Fredrik; Ågren, Anders

RBA-14-015. Control of noise and vibrations produced by HVAC mechanical equipment in a hotel: A case study
Mateus, Diogo; Santos, Paulo