Session Organizer: Durand Begault

RBA-15-001-IP. Experiences with an electronic enhancement system in a mid-size theatre
Behrens, Tobias; Ahnert, Wolfgang

RBA-15-002-IP. Applications of directional audio coding in audio
Pulkki, Ville

RBA-15-003-IP. Perceptually-based auralization
Tsingos, Nicolas

RBA-15-004-IP. Investigations of multi-channel auralization technique for solo instruments and orchestra
Vigeant, Michelle C.; Wang, Lily M.; Rindel, Jens Holger

RBA-15-005. Virtual acoustic prototype techniques applied to the simulation of noise from rainfall on skylights
Moorhouse, Andy

RBA-15-006. Assessment of room absorption by normal and hearing impaired people
Saher, Konca; Rindel, Jens Holger; Nijs, Lau

RBA-15-007. Assessment of musical instrument performances for practice rooms by musicians
Saher, Konca; Özis, Feridun; Rindel, Jens Holger

RBA-15-008. Calculation of interaural cross-correlation coefficient (IACC) of any music signal convolved with impulse responses by using the IACC of the sound field and the autocorrelation function of the sound source
Shimokura, Ryota; Tronchin, Lamberto; Cocchi, Alessandro

RBA-15-009. Spatial coherence between microphones with arbitrary first-order directivity in reverberant acoustic fields
Kuster, Martin; van Walstijn, Maarten

RBA-15-010-IP. Interactive multi-channel auralization with camera-based tracking
Kajastila, Raine; Lokki, Tapio; Savioja, Lauri

RBA-15-011. Effects of directivity of microphones and loudspeakers in sound field reproduction based on wave field synthesis
Kimura, Toshiyuki; Kakehi, Kazuhiko

RBA-15-012. Multi-channel recording and reproduction for minimizing the difference in the spatial covariances between the original and reproduced sound fields
Yoshinori Takahashi; Mikio Tohyama