RBA-16-001. Rating sound insulation in terms of speech inteligibility
Park, Hyeon Ku, Bradley, John S., Gover, Bradford N.

RBA-16-002. A MATLAB simulation of “shoebox” room acoustics and its educational use in a music technology course
Campbell, Douglas R.

RBA-16-003. Sabine’s formula revisited with acoustic quadraphony
Stanzial, Domenico

RBA-16-004. Prediction of speech intelligibility along underground platforms using a web based model
Dance, Stephen

RBA-16-005. Characteristics of sound absorption and insulation performance of Korean traditional windows
Hang, Kim ; Tai Gang, Lee; Sun Woo, Kim

RBA-16-006. Optimal reverberation conditions in churches
Francesco Martellotta

RBA-16-007. The assessment of reverberant conditions of underground stations
Nowicka, Elzbieta

RBA-16-008. Passive tuned loudspeakers as absorbers for room acoustics
Oldfield, Robert G.; Cox, Trevor J.

RBA-16-009. Comparative acoustical studies of two Goan churches
Tavares, Menino Allan S.M.Peter; Rajagopalan, S.; Sharma, Satish Jagannath

RBA-16-010. Architectural acoustics among nonspecialists: Myths and misconceptions
Viveiros, Elvira; Duarte, Elisabeth de A. C.

RBA-16-011. Measurement of normal and oblique incidence absorption coefficients using a scanning laser doppler vibrometer
Vuye, Cedric; Vanlanduit, Steve; De Sitter, Gert; Guillaume, Patrick; Boeckx, Laurens

RBA-16-012. On the calculation of uncertainties of single number ratings in building acoustics
Wittstock, Volker

RBA-16-013. Analysis of two orchestral rehearsal rooms in Thessaloniki, Greece
Zepidou, Georgia; Dance, Stephen; Nestoras, Christos

RBA-16-014. Study on acoustic characteristics for civic building lobbies in Taiwan
Rong-Ping Lai; Yu-Shing Chiang; Kai-hua Liu